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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SJRM_RN, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Looks like they got the right idea going on there ;)
  2. What on earth was that? I didn't like that at all, it's made me feel a bit sick. Were they target practice, or was it a hate campaign against kids with red hair? I hope the RNAC's not like that on Monday.
  3. Nah it won't be like that. They go for Scousers on RNAC. ;)
  4. Well thats something to look forward to, Here's me thinking I was going to have a boring Bank holiday Monday. :D
  5. The annual minefield run for 'Gingers'?
  6. could be the start of something new a cull once a year to make their numbers manageable bit like the seal cull seems like a good idea. :D
  7. That video has managed to depress me all day. I'd rather watch 2 girls 1 cup again instead of that.
  8. Rather One man One jar ;)
  9. I've not had the plesure of that one Trig. I think I'll pass on that for the time being.
  10. Shame that, makes for some good viewing ;)

  11. Yes - yes, Chav patrols, we could do with some of those in Swilly and Efford.
  12. Bit egotistical that isn't it Tuts. Watching yourself on the internet :wink:

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