Bit Windy!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Clouseau, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Just heard the Thursday War got cancelled a couple of weeks ago 'cos of the weather.

    Don't fancy being out in it today either!
  2. Twas last thursday. A resounding cheer was heard in this location.
  3. Thursday wars. Don't miss those anymore. Getting up bright and early to catch the PAS boat out to the ships on a very wet and windy morning. Being bounced around all day, training the 'team', debriefs, report writing, those lovely bag meals or action messing.

    Weather in Plymouth Sound can be really crap this time of year and serials are often cancelled as the PAS boats cannot get the FOST Staff out to the ships.

    So glad I now have the comfort of a nice warm office here in Collingrad. :)
  4. Portland was much better. Runs ashore in Weymouth during the summer. Jumping Jimmy T playing in the tin budgie.
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Some posts deleted. If you want to tak about the Thursday War ladies and gentlemen, please move to the Quarterdeck and hoist the dit pennant there. The thread was about the current weather, almost classifying it as Current Affairs.
  6. The gales have been bad this year. Theres a few fencing panels adrift around here.
  7. Couldn't they have postponed it to the Saturday and really improve morale? :roll:

  8. FOSTIEs working over the weekend. Are you mad?
  9. Point taken, but, the original post did actually mention the 'Thursday War' in the first few words. :wink:
  10. Hmmmm... I thought about putting the original post in a different forum but as there wasn't one entitled "The Weather" or "Met-dits" I gave up and plumped for Current Affairs.

    Many apologies to the thread-police. :)
  11. We or should I say the other half decided to go walkabout in the hills and forests. Dragged her family up there trees crashing all over the place but calmly we walked along. Then down the river which at one time was a footpath. Passed many a walker that day. Do the Irish have a thing about walking in one step up from hurricane force?

    Brought back memories of long ago.
  12. If the Thursday war was cancelled because of a bit of wind it will be "Peace in our time" up here in the Hebrides! There is more wind up here than a Baked Beans factory.

    All our roof tiles are welded on and the double glazing is made of amoured glass. The cats have suckers on their feet and we don't catch fish with a net we shoot em down.


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