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Discussion in 'RMR' started by brick26, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. I am a university student who is graduating this summer and have been intent on joining the TA for quite a while, but have recently been considering the RMR. I have always wanted to join TA Infantry so am just looking for a bit of info. It seems initial training is alot longer and much more demanding but how does the RMR differ to that of a TA infantry reg, training etc. how different is life in general in RMR compared to TA.

    I have read RMR web site and read a few threads here.

    Just to note I have been in UOTC for two years so do have a bit of experience.

  2. There is no difference other than the fact that you will serve at sea in the RMR. Your better off deciding what you can get out of the reserve services before you make your choice. (look at all the options open to you)
  3. pjmliverpool "No difference" have you been in the RMR.

    The RMR prides itself on being one of the best reserve forces out there. This is why the training takes so long.

  4. I wold have thought that there would have been some differences?
  5. From what i hear theres a HUGE difference.
    (please correct me if i'm wrong)
    I hear the basic training for the T.A is about 5 Weeks.
    The Basic Training for the marines is a lot longer like 12 - 14 months and even then they have more training before they can be operational within a troop.

    Also as i believe if you are in the T.A. You are practically forced to be mobilised. Whereas in the RMR they ask for volunteers first.

    Lets face it, if you were going to war? who would you want watching your Back? A Reservist Royal Marines Commando. or a T.A Soldier....??

    I Know which i'd choose anyday... They aint got the commando status for nothing....
  6. RMR are far suprior to the TA in pretty much every way. But has with everything in this life there's room for them both. Really depends what you want out of the reserves. :wink:
  7. has only been very recently that I have looked into the RMR. I was thining of 4Para but I will hopefully be working in the north of Scotland so have looked into the RMR up there, in Inverness i think.

    What level of commitment is needed for selection and training? I realise most fitness is down to the individual in their own time but I am worried about working shifts etc do many ppl find this a problem?
  8. "In my day" :lol: the training from start to finish lasted about 15 months. Thats from phase one, through to phase 2 CDO course. Once the green lid is attained you are then put into a kind of phase 3 training whereby your training is continued and further CDO skills are attained such as arctic warfare etc. The difference i have noted these days is that the corps isnt keen on just mobilising whole units, instead, they take the pick of the SQ's that are available to them at the time. Harry correct me if i'm wrong about these points as i've been out a while and am going on other persons information.

  9. I quite fancy the challenge, the fact that the training is alot harder initially means that you would be better prepared skill wise than a newly qualified TA soldier?

    what about attendance? I know that I would be committed enough but what about guys who work shifts and some weekends? is this a major factor?
  10. I would say that there is a need for good commitment levels otherwise it isnt really worth doing the course. Coupled with the fact that 90% of your training must be done in your own time adds to the fact that is a big commitment.

  11. so bascially if your job does not enable you to attend basically every weekend then that would be considered unacceptable lelels of attendance?
  12. Yes, i would say that was indeed the case.
  13. We were told on presentation night that if you dont attend for 3 weekends then you get backtrooped into Holding troop. I guess as training is every other weekend you can miss one (if you MUST) but miss two consecutively and you are back to the start.

    I also found this info from somewhere, about attendance and training.
    I dont know how reliable it is...

    Phase 1 (4/6 Months)
    Must attend at least 6 Weekends & 2 hrs every week.

    Phase 2 (4/6 Months)
    Must attend at least 8 Weekends & 2 hrs every week.

    Like i said i dont know how Reliable this is, but if you look at the number of weekends required it's less than 2 every month. (maybe some of the weekends are taken away by Leave time Like Xmas etc)

    Also from what i can gather none of the phases are going to be completed in less than 6 months (more than likely Longer)

    If anyone knows for definate please let us know.
  14. so by that going then you dont have to attend every single weekend, infact far from it. iv heard its a huge committment and if you miss a weekend or two you can get back squaded and that then sets you back for another considerable period of time.

    I dont want it to sound like I want to get by by doing the least amount as possible, I am just trying to think realisticly about future career. cheers for all the replies.
  15. Ferk off walt your own lack of knowledge betrays you for the utter dick that you are. Now take your toys and go play with the traffic.
    P.S I suppose that you were the knob in the football forum for Liverpool FC who had a chat with Carl? If so your card has been marked.
  16. Brick,

    I was in the same boat as you my friend, and after considering all options opted for the TA (4 Para) over the RMR, for the following reason;

    After having spoke to 2 RMR officers, as well as the TA, it was generally agreed that RMR training is far to long than it actually needs to be. Each person was of the opinion that you can prepare individuals for the Commando tests within 5-6 months (Similar to the time scale to prepare 4 Para recruits for P Company), and yet they drag there training over 12-14 months or longer as they want the stigma of having the longest Reserve forces training in Britain (like their regular counterparts). This was the option not from myself, but from senior serving RMR figures. Why be a recruit for the next 2 years when its a soldier you want to be?

    Theres my 2 pence worth anyway. Which ever boat you go down, good luck!
  17. when it comes to light infantry you can 'either be the best' or join the marines and be the real deal.
  18. CrazyChris, the time factor is a bit of a sticking point and one that way I will definetly have to take into consideration. As i have said i did consider 4 Para but distances to travel would be just too much, i have spoke to 2 guys who are invloved with 4 Para and seems good, very tough training as well! Think im just have to sit on this one for a bit and let the grey matter do its thing.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    brick,stop being a wet blanket and sign up and do the real deal. if you cant hack the training you wont hack the job.
  20. One thing though, join 4 Para and remain a crow for the next 3-4 years. Yeah, you will really get the respect from your peers over that one. "Wheres your wings mate? havent got any mate. ******* crow, blah blah blah!! Even SF are ******* crows with wings to that shower!! Pull your trainers on and train for the RMR mate, you know it makes sense.


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