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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scottrw2002, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    Couple of questions. I have had a good search and found most of the answers I need, but I would like to hear your thoughts on a couple of things.

    Ok firstly I'm 33 and thinking about joining up again.... I was in the Navy at 19 and completed BT but that was it. I have always regretted leaving but am also slightly worried at how I will be viewed due to my age. I remember whjen I joined originally we have a couple of 30 somethings in our group, but it's stuck with me that a PO said "why the f*ck would you wanna join at 33, you must be mad" or words to that effect.

    Career wise I'm torn between 3. Air Engineer Tech, Air Survival Tech/Airman and Meteorlogical blah, blah.

    I realise that there is a little varience between the roles and that some will be more open to p*ss taking than others (WAFU etc) but I'd be interested to hear from anyone in any of those roles.

  2. Hello.

    In today's modern naval forum,, you can feel free to express yourself freely as in no other period of time, or place.
    Except, don't mention, gays, male or female, trans genders, cross dressers,
    political persuasions, religion, creeds, or ethnic decent.
    Forgiveness is the way forward so it is best not to comment on any one's weight, height, preference for strong liquor, or abstinence from same, drug taking, or views on money.
    Ageism, or discrimination against the young are not liked / tolerated,
    boasting is not liked, and people who humble themselves to a sickening degree are thought of as crass. Apart from these few minor points, what was it you would like to talk about, we are all ears.
    I don't mean deformed, as obviously that is not a subject to debate. :wink:
    Weathers nice today innit.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's up to the individual if they wish to rejoin, but the odds are those that leave the services for reasons of disillusionment are highly likely to be disillusioned once again.

    Age is only a problem if the individual makes it a problem. People in their 30's don't always like being told what to do by people in their 20's - if they can't hack-it, then they shouldn't bother.

    Assuming you did not complete trade training then you start from scratch all over again- providing the conditions under which you left do not preclude further service.

    The biggest/most common problem for those from mid 20's onwards is that many will face a significant drop in income & their financial commitments preclude security clearance being granted.

    Good luck.
  4. Hi Scottrw2002, I am in the process of joining up as an ME(SM) I know I don't match any of the roles you'd like to go for but I'm 34 ( probably be 35 by the time I actually get on a sub),and feel I have what it takes to pass the training.
    Whats giving you the drive to try again?
  5. HI, i'm 30 and also in same position as you. I'm going back into basic training in Feb. I first joined up 12 years ago. Passed BT then decided for some strange reason the to leave. Still to this day regret doing that but life goes on. I dont think my age is a problem and am aware that there will be alot of people there nearly half my age. Good luck to ya if ya do decide to give it a go..
  6. Hello all and thanks for the replies, good to see a couple of people in a similar position to myself.

    It's something I have constantly looked back on over the years and wondered "what if" or "where would I be now". I think I've just realised that if I were to give it another go it has to be now as I'm not getting any younger. I have spent the last few years trying to get ahead in my Civvy career, but never really feeling settled.

    I can't think of another profession that offers so much in terms of opportunity for travel, training, defined career path and the chance to do things most boys dream of growing up.

    Can I ask how you older guys have got on in terms of your financial situation? I have read a few posts now referring to problems getting in because of the 50% outgoings rule. I mean I have a mortgage and the usual stuff, so I'm a little concerned this may cause a problem for me.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you have a partner who also has an income, the outgoings are limited to 50% of combined income - which may help.
  8. Hi Ninja,

    Thanks for the advise, that may indeed help.

    I was watching a few you tube videos from Raleigh last night! Dear god, do I really want to go through that again!? lol..... (guys in underpants playing super heroes as opposed to the training) lol

    Can I just ask as well.... In terms of the more mechanical or engineering type roles (AET for example) am I likely to be guided in another direction because my experience or background is not in that field? I was "guided" towards Stores Accountant last time, although I was too wet behind the ears to argue the toss at the time.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally you will be guided toward the job which is has the highest scoring Recruiting Test score to the one which you scored. If you score higher than necessary for your chosen job, we will tell you which additional jobs are available also.

    For example if you scored high enough for stores accountant (Now Supply Chain Logistician), that was probably the highest scoring trade which you were able to take given the scores on the doors. Technical trades need higher mathematics & mechanical comprehension scores than non-technical trades.

    Contrary to popular belief we don't suggest to those wanting, for example, to be a Comms Tech should join in a lower scoring but shortage category trade because we are monitored not on targets achieved but also retention. A person getting Comms Tech scores is likely not to be intellectually stretched in a non-technical trade & will leave pretty sharpish if not cerebrally stimulated.

    Again we advise people to identify the job first then hold out for that job, no matter what the waiting time or even if they have to resit the test to qualify.

    Problem is that younger people often aren't prepared to wait so will opt for the job that gets them in the Navy quicker rather than a job that suits them. After joining they will then claim the AFCO told them they could swap trades - we don't.
  10. Thanks again for the reply, some useful info in there.

    I hope I haven't caused offence in what I said, I'm not suggesting anything underhand.

    I honestly don't recall having to take a test when I joined although it was 13 years ago, so perhaps things have changed now. When I say I was guided I mean that my intention was to join in Comms but the adviser at the time suggested I was better suited to Stores Accountant given my experience and background being in accounts.

    I think the best thing for me to do would be to sit the test and speak with an adviser. I'd be really interested to see how I score..... I most definately need to be intelectually challenged in my role, so it has to be something with virety and scope.

    This time around I would have to be certain of the role before entering and as you said, if that means waiting slightly longer then so be it.
  11. I never realised that - but do you have to be married or just living with your other half?
  12. im age 30+ and start my tests in a couple of days i believe i will pass everything all my finances are in order and cant wait, but there may be a problem with my security clearence.
    When i was 17 i was sent to young offenders for 6 months for indecent assault due to me and my mates trying to have an orgy with a couple of females who didnt want to.
    Anyway that was over 10 years ago and i havnt been in trouble since and completley regret my actions and have changed as a person for the best i am wondering how this will look at interview and on security clearence

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