bit of a wet question!

LOL I am going to gym/slimming do loads of walking carrying a 24lb baby but wanted to do something in the evening when 1yr old is in bed!

Cant leave the house .... without social services coming a knocking anyway!

So thinking of a fitness/excersize DVD want something which gives you a good work out.

Can anyone recommed one? dont have much money so cant buy any gym equipment, although my strech to a step!

Any ideas?


War Hero
Stick Corrie on, lie on the floor, put your feet together and raise them 6 inches off the floor and hold them there, dont kill yourself to start with, do what is comfortable then gradually beast yourself (remember to make pain/grief face at the same time)


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Could do a jigsaw, open the box upstairs and do it on a table downstairs, going up and down the stairs for each piece, size of puzzle is of course optional :thumright:

In all seriousness I think the steps would be a good bet maybe exercise ball and an exercise mat too (quite cheap) for some sit ups etc.

I know they're corny but the workout DVD's might be something to look into, easy to follow, can be done in the front room and you dont have to think up your own routine.


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If you want to do sit ups you can buy a bar that fits under a door (close the door obviously) then crunch away. Make it a mummy and baby thing and get one of them baby hanging devices that fits to the door frame and the sprog can bounce on your stomach.


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True, also doubles up great as a pull up bar although i can't see much of that happeneing to be fair after the young un.

Could always stick those feet under a radiator and do it that way!
theGimpMK2 said:
horizontal jogging
Maybe I have a dirty mind and you mean something else! but I need my husband here for that! LOL

I ordered a DVD basic training boot camp by some Billy guy! reviews said it was hard also got some bands or something!!

May get a Step at the end of the month wioth some funky beats in the background!

That jigsaw idea was pretty good, not that I do them but I could take one item of washing upstairs at a time kinda thing etc.

I am doing gym 4 times a week and walking upwards of 20+ miles carrying my daughter but be nice to have something I can do in the evening too (espically if little one is ill and cant get to creche so I can still get some excersize in)

Cant wait for it to come and see if its as hard as people say!
Looking at your BMI and 2.4km run time I'm guessing you don't want to throw yourself into anything stupidly hard just yet as it'll really put you off. In that case, if you're still interested in DVDs there's 2 I would recommend. The first is my favourite, which is Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout. It has 5 sections of various difficulty and each is 10 mins long. This means if you've only got 20 mins you can still have a quick workout or if you've got an hour you can do a section twice. Also the difficulty varies so you can really tailor it to your needs.
The other one which I would recommend is Davinas 30 minute workouts. As much as she is an annoying cow on the DVD the workouts aren't bad and there's two physical trainers, one who demonstrates the easier version and one who does the harder version. Again, this means you can work your way up as needs be depending on how you feel.
Hope thats of use to you and good luck with the get fit regime :)


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Anything Pilates is good. You dont need much space, and it will develop your core. and it does not require making lots of noise jogging on the spot etc.
toycommandos said:
Anything Pilates is good. You dont need much space, and it will develop your core. and it does not require making lots of noise jogging on the spot etc.
Why are pilates called pilates? Cause they Arrrrrrrrgh!

Sorry, couldn't resist! :lol:

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