Bit of a tricky question ... or three ...


Ok, this is actually probably aimed at Ninja more than anyone else...

Ok so here is my problem:

Went away for a week, and mid-party, mad table top dancing, I thought it might be a great idea to fall off and hurt my ankle (in a room full of Matelots, oh the shame!). This was on friday. Having sprained my ankle plenty of times before, I thought nothing of it and went about icing it, nurofen, stapping it up etc etc... except now my ankle is sporting some severely heavy bruising, and It's agonising for me to put any weight on it, and now I'm worried it might be a bit worse than a sprain. Or well, my uncle seems to think it's fractured. I'm going to go up to the hospital on monday as I can't get up there tomorrow. On my way to hospital (or after, either way) should I pop into my Careers Office and let them know whats happened?

Also, what are the chances of my application being deferred for a year? I ask this because when I first put my application in, I witnessed an unfortunate young mans application being deferred for a year due to a fractured foot. Thats if it is fractured! What will happen if it's just a bad sprain?

And lastly, as far as I can see, either way, my application is going to have to go on hold at least until my ankle has healed and due to personal reasons I want to leave Edinburgh and return home; which is Gibraltar. Can I carry on my application from Gibraltar or will I have to return to UK? Reason I ask is because I know applications to Join the British Army have to be made from the UK, but I think that is only because Gibraltar has its own regiment and so only recruit in Gib for the 1RG. But I have heard of people applying to join the Mob from Gibraltar. I just want to make sure before I go off and book any flights.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be able to answer and of my questions. Thanks very much in advance.



I know it's probably not helpful as I'm sure you already know, but I feel the best way is just to tell the AFCO, they ask you to be completely honest with them in the first place and let's face it - you can't NOT tell them can you? Turning up at Raleigh with trouble walking will raise a few eyebrows...!!

I'll bet they can give you the best and most up-to-date advice, but then I'm sure that lots of guys on this site can too!

Sorry for stating the obvious, just trying to put it into perspective :)