Bit of a conundrum- advice needed!

Discussion in 'RMR' started by 1ManRiot, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Ok I am supposed to be coming down to RNHQ tonight with the rest of the chaps from RMR Merseyside, I've had my invitation through the post and so on, but I got a call from Chief Robbins at Preston AFCO yesterday, he left a message saying that the doctor from the RMR medical I had on selection wouldn't sign my med papers to pass me until he'd seen my Army med docs, which still haven't come through, after 8 weeks of waiting.

    Chief Roberts basically said I cannot go, can I go? Should I go?

    Its an 80 mile round trip to my detachment so I'd rather avoid that if its going to be a wasted journey :dontknow:

    Ninja_stoker? Anyone?
  2. Re: Bit of a conundrum- advise needed!

    Not sure to be honest mate. Why not phone the PSAO at your old TAC, explain the situ and see if he can provide you with a photocopy of your medcheck? They will have one in your file, so dont see why he couldnt give you a copy.
  3. I would call the Army office and flip because they should get off there arse and get those documents out to you. Also pop down your afco, see if you can get your med forms and take them to your GP, maybe you could get them signed by him??.... I would go mate, because if you dont, i havent got an Iron. hahaha!! Nah, all joking a side mate, try everything you can to get on this weekend mate.... i would... :thumright:
  4. Ok I will try and locate the number of the Glasgow admin whatever it is and give them a call.
  5. Glasgow sent them to Preston AFCO recorded delivery yesterday.

    No-one is picking up the phone at AFCO. I'm going to have to go and pick up the documents no doubt and bring them with me tonight.
  6. Mate, ill see you tonight (hopefully). Hope you get everything sorted, i would go mad if i couldnt attend tonight because of somebody elses cock up. Take it easy mate!
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm afraid that Glasgow can be slow releasing former Army documentation, simply due to sheer volume of work.

    If you passed medical at the selection weekend, the only thing stopping you being passed fit is the medical officer sighting your Army Med Docs & confirming there are no medical issues which would be a bar to entry into the RM.

    Technically until the Doc signs the paper certifying you fit, you cannot train.

    I've PM'd a contact number for you to ring to check that you can attend, pending the administration aspects.
  8. How frustrating! Finally got through and the officer dealing with me is out and the post hasn't arrived this morning! Packing my stuff now though, I'm going to go down regardless!

    See you down there rust, make yourself known to me!
  9. SO they rang back and documents aren't at Preston. If they are sent Special Delivery I fail to see how that is possible. He says they will arrive Monday, so its a matter of < 48 hours between between a yes or no. Rediculous. I'm going to go to detachment tonight and I'm going to do as much as I can do, even it means I am not officially enrolled until next week.

    For a country that is crying out for recruits, they are doing a good job of keeping people away.
  10. Thanks Ninja, I'll ring that now
  11. Mate if it has been sent recorded or registered post then it will have a number attached to it. Obtain that recorded number from the sender, log onto the Royal Mail website and use the track and trace facility. It will tell you where the package is, if its been delivered and who has signed for it.

    Good luck

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