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There is a cracking modeller next door who is currently making up a pair of Swordfish from the attack on Bismark. Any of you WAFUs or historians know what the colour scheme/markings would have been at the time? This from him:


but the one I'm keenest on is this Ark Royal scheme, 1939 though, would the planes look the same in 1941 when the flew against the Bismarck.


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He could try the FAA museum at Yeovilton. They have a research section I believe and I would think they would only be too pleased to assist as they have a flying Swordfish as part of Historic Naval Aircraft.


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Unfortunately all the photos of Ark Royal's Swordfish in 1939 are in black and white (obvious really when you think about it ! :) )
However there was a Corgi model:
Hope this may be of some use.
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Colour was a very light grey I think. FFA museum is the place to go, to confirm as mentioned by Waspie. Very good book on the Swordfish at war, by Lord Kilbracken.AKA John Godley. 'Bring Back My Stringbag'.

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