Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by froggit, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. now its past, how was it? who won? was it just a shooting com for the gssr?
  2. [b]i was fantastic :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :bball:
  3. Can anybody join in this lovefest or is just between the two of you??

    PM each other, then nobody on site will get the wrong idea :biggrin:
  4. Hey big boy you can join anytime :rendeer:
  5. Thanks Bisley xx

    But I'm 5'2" and a female!

    Still want to know what ya did and why the thread? :thumright:
  6. In whichcase i'm all yours :afro:
  7. out of interest, I like girlys too, after all its legal now!
    any one else there?
  8. I think all are welcome not just us part time deck apes.

    A good 3 days shooting, a lot different to the usual NAPWT stuff. You fire from different positions and at different ranges.

    Personally I could do with bigger rounds as could hit bugger all. 4/5 shell might suffice.
  9. Different Ranges usually means just that, be on the point at Ash and maybe hit the FIBUA target. LOL

    I hear one certain sharpshooter blamed a wobbly foresight for his lack of points. Bad workman and all that.
  10. As I recall I remember HMS Vivid winning a vast majority of the trophies this year, although I have been told that they often win these shooting competitions. But then again being so close to Raleigh they must have easy access to the shooting range!

    It seemed slightly poetic justice that it rained relentlessly while we were pitching the tents and suddenly stopped the moment everything was ready, then all we had was three days of glorious sunshine!

    Our team had quite a bit of fun really, as we consisted of three AWFP, one MTO and even one NE who had managed to get on a 518 qualifying course! Have to say I think I enjoyed the FIBUA the most. Less running!
  11. They only used to win a lot because of a certain now ex PO who has departed our shores to the land of the convicts. Funny enough Sherwood did quite well for a while and then KA. No link though!!!.

    We miss you Sledge
  12. Vivid used to train with the Command rifle team as well, so got a lot more rounds down the range over the course of the year than most.

    That may not still apply, as it's about fourteen years since I was in the command squad.
  13. Was up in the loft yesterday and happened on the old 7.62mm ammo case painted black inscribed with my very own name as part of the shooting team centuries ago[am I really this old] complete with cleaning kit. Pull through not to be confused with ?

    Such happy days!!
  14. Mind you, its still an achievement to win regardless of how much practice a unit gets. If Vivid gets a lot of opportunities to put rounds down a range its good to see that their team are committed enough to taking advantage of that.

    I sometimes think that all the practice in the world won't help my shooting!
  15. I don't know about how many rounds they put down the range each year, but having one of the more swept up GSSR/AWFP/Whatever teams doesn't harm VIVID's shooting results at all.

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