Bisley 2010

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by SoylentGreen, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know

    1) if Bisley is running this year and
    2) what dates will it be on?

  2. yes 3-6 june 10. not sure if we have the bullets for it though, still the competion for the most authentic impression of a rifle going bang should be fun.
  3. The Roupell can be replaced with a 100mtr charge and dummy-bayoneting ex :)

    Cheers for the dates.
  4. Is that correct?

    I was told the dates hadn't been decided as of tuesday??

  5. Sea(Res) trg weekends are being cancelled through lack of ammunition. Yet we manage to put on Bisley and Altcar Challenge?

  6. Please can I have any info on cancelled weekends owing lack of ammo?
    I am unaware of such events, and would like to know the details so I can investigate!
    PM or email please

    Kind Regards

  7. I hear some new events are being added to Bisley in line with improving operational training for FPG...apparently one involves standing around for 6 hours bored as a twunt! ammo needed for that!

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