Bisley 2008

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by itsamuppet, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Just a chance to give a BZ to all those that organised and attended Bisley this weekend for the Maritime Reserve Skill at Arms Meeting. Although the numbers where low, it was great to see the skills and smiles improve as the weekend went on, and there was a distinct lack of "full speeds, Chop Chops and general shouting going on" which only goes to prove the event was extremeley smoothly run.

    It was great to see the booties there (despite them taking away some of the silver) and the entertainment they provided at the BBQ will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Lets hope we can get the numbers up again and that anyone who was unable to attend this year because of deployment, returns back safe and sound and able to partake next year.
  2. Ditto, this was the second one i have attended and the first one that CERES attended in their own right. We even got a trophy which was a very nice suprise and muchly appreciated.

    Top marks for the booties. If someone tells me how i'll post the video. Funny as!

    Disapointing about the four units which didn't attend, but i suppose it gave us more time on the range with there being less people.

    Big thanks to the SR's from Calliope who made it possible for us to attend, especially at such short notice.
  3. My first Bisley - really, really enjoyed it. Will recommend to anyone who'll listen to go next year.
  4. I would have come this year but was tree hugging in a field in Somerset.

    Did the weekend change this year as I don't recall it clashing with Glastonbury usually.
  5. I think it's always been around the end of June.

    This year was great, I do not miss camping on the field! The army thoughtfully planted a spiffing new building on half the playing field.

    By the way, Hi to everyone. I am new here.
  6. I stayed in a tent in pirbright camp.

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