Bishop warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. I wouldnt walk down Gladstone St in Peterborough.Its got 2 fooking huge Mosques that are a blot on the skyline and looks like downtown Baghdad!
  2. Did I hear on the news tonight that they are calling for WallyAckbar from those Mosques in Oxford as well now? Oh and please don't give me any grief about Church bells, |I don't like them either! (I try to be fair)
  3. Does anyone remember all the signs that appeared on church notice boards throughout Nazi Germany declaring the this particular town or community was "Judenrein" (Jew-free)?

    Funny how the conservative evangelical Christians (like Bishop Nazir-Ali) continue to seek to exclude those who don't share their beliefs from public areas such as Registrars' Offices (their real agendum), hospices (which are nearly all registered with the Charity Commission as having a Christian ethos), the one-third of state schools paid for by taxpayers reserved for church-going Christians (who account for only 6% of the population), religious colleges like King's College, London, etc. UCL was established to allow non-Christians to obtain a university education, which was denied them until that point. Then there was the recent denial of civil rights to Roman Catholics in that part of Britain called Northern Ireland: the cause of the so-called "Troubles". Sounds more like the Christian pot calling the Muslim kettle black!

  4. Toddle off to Saudi Arabia and demand to be allowed to put up a cross on a church and see how far you get…
  5. give it a few more years and we will have American troops in
  6. Christians like the Bish would object that it defiled Jesus' memory for my paws to even touch a crucifix. The KSA practices an extreme form of Islam. It's unfortunate that Hanbalit'ism came to dominate a hitherto genuinely tolerant religion in, say, the tradition of the erudite Caliph al-Ma'mun (read his interesting discourse, and exegesis, with an unnamed zealot in: F. Jad'an's al-Mihna (Amman, 1989) pp256-260.)
  7. My Dad told me that even 30 years ago as an abulance driver, being white, couldnt go into certain bars to pick up a dying man. The bouncer actually said it was for his own saftey.
  8. Wow. Who shoved a stick up your ass? :afro:
  9. It wasn't you was it..? I can't remember what happened yesterday... ;) :biggrin:
  10. I think it was Judenfrei. Rein, from memory, means "pure" I think, so Judenrein would either be cleansed of Jews... or nothing but Jews, but my German's a little shaky these days so I'm probably wrong... and frequently am. :(
  11. Judenrein in Nazi Germany meant cleansed of Jews. It meant the town was supposedly Aryan... I saw a photograph of one of these signs some years ago. The photograph showed one of these infamous signs nailed to a cross within the church perimeter of a Bavarian Lutheran Church, though it's worth remembering that the Lutheran Church was the State Church and, like the Catholic Church at the time, was virulently anti-Semitic. Judenfrei was also used but to a lesser extent.

    Having said all that, the meanings of words were distorted, as they were in Communist Russia, to often mean the inverse of what they originally meant. Think about the old DDR! Mind you we see similar abuse of the English language: eg. The Government is environmentally friendly: meaning the exact opposite ;)
  12. Ach, sie sind recht!

    Strangely it's not a word which appears in my bfo German dictionary, or even the Nazi era one (in lovely Gothic German) we have in the office.

    I cannot believe a government would ever manipulate its own mother tongue to deceive the public though... ;-)
  13. Visit Swilly in Plymouth and you'll see no-go areas for non-chavs, so what's the difference?

    If I hear the crap that Britain is a Christian country much more I'll choke. If less than 6% go to any flavour church, how can Christianity be of any importance at all?

    The blasphemy laws should be binned and the CofE should be disestablished from the monarchy. Any antidisestablishmentarians out there?
  14. Never having served in Guzz ( apart from training at Raleigh ), what and where is Swilly ??
  15. I have a lovely German dictionary in gothic script... in fact my most up-to-date German dictionary, which dates from 1911!

    For Judenrein see here (an excellent site, though some of the information on this link is incorrect (eg compare the claim that German Jews were still being encouraged to leave after the Nuremburg Laws were enacted, with the consequences of those "laws")).
  17. Hey! Why not compile an international list of nogo areas for non muslims?I have a few for the list to kick off.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yeman, Saudi Arabia, South Thailand, Tashkent, Chechyna........

    Inconsiderate Raghead Cnuts! Not content with roaming freely in these Infidel Intolerant sandboxes they chose instead to rape and pillage England.
    Selfish Cnuts!
  18. Swilly as it was pre-WWII was in the countryside, and was the first area of Guzz to be bombed - perhaps they were trying to starve us out by trashing the potato fields ? With the great post-war rebuilding plan, Estates on the outskirts of the city were given priority, leaving Devonport and Stonehouse (both had their own Mayors pre-war)to become derelict areas. Swilly built up a bad rep for itself by developing nasty families and even nastier kids trying their own mini-riots after Toxteth and Brixton, which were put down by a combination of very aggresive policing, aided by the duty watch of Royal being called out to assist, thereby denying Royal his traditional Saturday evening viewing of "Match of the Day". Needless to say, Royal was rather PO'd about this, and soon returned to MOTD, after liberal usage of pickaxe handles and other nefarious Bootie habits. Not much trouble there since, as the threat of Royal's return usually is enough to deter further stupidity. There is a plan afoot to redevelop the whole estate, but that would mean rehousing them on a temporary basis, but nobody wants them - enough said !!
  19. Now i aint one for Statistics and figures, I believe in the common dog me.
    ONLY 6 percent of the population are church going christians so you say, there is probably another small percentage of other religious groups ie Buddists, Muslims, jews and return of the jedis etc etc. And a whopping majority of the nation i would imagine are Non religious practitioners (Aethists) who still have minor links to the Christian Church through parents, Christened as a child or religious education at school etc.
    Don't play Christianity down too much in the Uk as apposed to Islam just yet. Granted our nation is now infested with Religious Islamist Zealouts from all over and our own Natives are more faithfull to the Xbox 360 than Jesus and friends. But if this Majority was forced to sway towards Christianity or Islam in order to score 2 marks against these Anti western, oppresive, alien Feckheads every man and his dog would be at church every Sunday.
    Islam is'nt and never will be as popular In the Uk with the Natives . Why? because Islam is ****....

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