Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by CRYSTALTIPS, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Its my birthday this Saturday and was just wondering if anyone elses birthday is this Saturday too?????????
  2. hapy birthday tips,,, hope its a good one... get your self..pie eyed....
  3. Thanks Josie
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :wink:
  4. hi
    happy birthday for saturday! mine was on a saturday, i went and bought myself a new dry suit to go diving in (the water kind nothing else!)
  5. Thanks shiprat - happy belated birthday for last sat.
  6. Mine was on Tuesday
  7. Subset - Happy belated birthday wishes
  8. Mines been on a different day every year.
  9. Hahaha @ Hig - Do you choose when you want your birthday then??

    You should do what the Queen does and have 2!!!! Haha!!!
  10. Crystal happy birthday for Saturday hun. Wishing you a great day!! Please stay off all illicit drugs though, cos you as mad as a hatter enough already! OK? Auntie Pinta xxxxx
  11. Saddam Hussein.

    Well, it would have been his birthday.

    Famous Birthdays
  12. Have a very happy, drink hazed, double glazed birthday Crystal.
  13. Are you bored Tattoo??? LOL x
  14. Nah - he's just a deep thinker.

  15. I'm hanging on his every word SF!
  16. Yes, I am bored!

    Thursday afternoon, raining outside, loads of work to do and I can't be bothered to do it. :(

    We're just far too busy sitting here, avoiding work & sending funnies round the building!

    BTW Happy Birthday Crystaltips!
  17. Penelope Cruz.... She's a honey.
  18. :twisted: :twisted: whose a bad bad girlie... :twisted: :twisted:
    bad but funny...............
  19. Thank you so much to everyone wishing me a happy birthday. :D

    Ive just got back from the hair dressers so im all prept and ready to go.

    Cant believe though that im sharing my birthday with some loon like Sadam!!!!!
  20. LOL Crystal I want to adopt you! You Loon!!!! :)

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