happy birthday for saturday! mine was on a saturday, i went and bought myself a new dry suit to go diving in (the water kind nothing else!)
Crystal happy birthday for Saturday hun. Wishing you a great day!! Please stay off all illicit drugs though, cos you as mad as a hatter enough already! OK? Auntie Pinta xxxxx
Yes, I am bored!

Thursday afternoon, raining outside, loads of work to do and I can't be bothered to do it. :(

We're just far too busy sitting here, avoiding work & sending funnies round the building!

BTW Happy Birthday Crystaltips!


Lantern Swinger
Thank you so much to everyone wishing me a happy birthday. :D

Ive just got back from the hair dressers so im all prept and ready to go.

Cant believe though that im sharing my birthday with some loon like Sadam!!!!!

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