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Birkenhead Warship Museum: Where To Place The Ships?.

The Warship museum in birkenhead has now been closed, HMS Plymouth, Onyx and the U-534 are in danger. I was thinking these could be the new locations where to place them


I know its been scrapped years ago but i think The HMS Ark Royal would have made a decent attraction in merseyside, It also could have been placed by liverpool airport too.

Or better idea, Runcorn or The Manchester Ship Canal.

There is Carrier Museum in the USA, Positioned in a similar spot.

T5 is safe in EAGLET. Bronnington is sadly too big for there, which is a pity because she was once commanded by one of our officers.(No not that one, though his dad once served with a lot of Eaglets.) She is not realy in very good condition because some one steam washed her upper deck. So now she leaks badly. PLYMOUTH should go home, so should the U boat.

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