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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. In light of the fact we as a nation cannot muster enough 'geezers' to man all our submarines, are we any nearer seeing a girlie type matelot on a boat?
    I guess they'd be alright on Bombers cos they aren't real submarines.
  2. No not at the moment. Mainly down to medical practicalities of women at sea. Unborn child and living in a Submarine for a few months until it surfaces. Also the submarines haven't got the required accom onboard for seperating women away from the sun dodgers.


  3. I think that they will serve on the the SSBN replacement. Ultimately the driver will be as it was in GS - not enough males !!
  4. I reckon they could quite easily be accommodated on the current Bombers. There's loads of little bunk spaces on them...

    Anyways, the five yearly review has been taking place recently. Not sure what the verdict is/was/will be...but I'm sure if they let girlies on boats we'll hear about it!!
  5. Yes I agree that when the MOD have made their decision we will know and make the most of it as we always do.

    I have said for a long time that I think there will be a time when women are allowed to go to sea on subs. They will probably have to sign some sort of disclaimer about serving and the potential problems with unborn children.


  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I think there's little doubt what the future holds, it's just a case of "when" the relevant Government decides it will be so.

    The classic rejoiner from a female perspective, for which there is no politically correct answer is:

    "What if I'm sterile?"
  7. The current bombers have a bunk space that was designed with splits in mind. The SR Upper Bunk Space, an En-suite bunk space with beds for 18 if I remember correctly?

    IMO it will happen and it will be approved a lot sooner than we all think.
  8. Not in my time in the mob it won't.

  9. IMO it will happen and it will be approved a lot sooner than we all think.[/quote]

    Not in my time in the mob it won't.

    Present serving Submariners......... don't let it happen,
  10. If only life was that simple.

  11. Well that argument is a load of tosh, Aussies, Dutch, Yanks and Swedes have BoB
  12. The only info I could find about women serving on US submarines was an article published on April fools day.

  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Polycell, US apart the other navies don't have nuclear boats, let alone SSBN patrols. The Oz s/m situation inceidentally does seem parlous to say the least. As to the US, I have my doubts as X4nD points out.
  14. I think the reality is that as soon as their is the slightest possibility that there will not be enough men for the bombers to go on patrol that the RN will miraculously find a solution to the 'medical' problem.
  15. Girlie types on boats.... surely if we're that short of volunteers we should either:

    1. Practice the market forces method of recruitment: massivly increase wages of submariners; or

    2. Copy the Septics and actively recruit former felons: thieves, rapists, traitors, etc.

    Given the taxpayers £1T burden in bailing out a couple (so far) of ex-building societies for their greed and incompitence, it looks like we'll be advertising for recruits in the Prisoners Handbook! :lol:
  16. Steve

    Its called a Press Gang, Friday night in Pompey or Guzz swag 40 away. If they claim to be skimmers all the better cos you will have less training to do.

  17. Nutty

    If they're skimmers they'll flood the boat with smelly stuff when it dives with them inside. They are not used to things going underwater and arising all on their own. Poor skimmers, bless em. Submariners' partners on the other hand might be an option. It could take the notion of the pecking order to new dimensions....... :bball:

  18. Birds on boats!! It will never happen surely.....

    Whatever next? Gayz and coloureds?
  19. Im sure that if we found 'female ratings' going to sea on submarines, whatever the type, the navy top brass will have a lot more manning issues than they could ever have nightmares of!
  20. Personally I do not see a problem. It would save the boys having to use "**** socks".

    Have a nice day

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