binyam mohamed resurfaces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dollygee, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. After going deep for a while our ethiopian has resurfaced.
    I feel a financial RAS in the offing.
  2. Dollygee

    If you are going to make these statements,as with the Kewnndy post, could you please support the same with a reference to the news service that is giving out the story so we do not have to go searching for what you already know.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  3. Sorry mate, will do.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  5. Too late now ,but all they had to do was give him tenner out of the petty cash and drop the scrot off at Djibouti
  6. Another one for us to carry for the rest of his life , this Country has gone down the fxxxxxxxg tubes , blood boiling , we are fxxxxxxxg stupid , sorry for the language chaps :twisted: :evil:
  7. Why i am not surprised , shaken my head for fxxk sake , uurrgg
  8. Are we supposed to be surprised that our security services were involved in his questioning? My suggestion as he is not a British citizen is to ship him back to his country of origin without delay before teams of lawyers start coining it in at the taxpayers expense.
  9. Too late the leftie lawyer sharks are already on the Legal aid expenses paid case, looking for millions damages

    Why, he was illegal here, he forged a passport and went to Afghan, why? not repatriate him to Ethiopia His HOME country


    Jack McH
  10. The Wail is Ok if it satisfies your liberal views then? :lol: :lol:
  11. Looking at the title of this thread I can't help thinking that the person who tied the concrete blocks to his legs was not from naval background :wink:
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, so it's okay to tortue someone if they breach immigration regulations? :?
  13. Yes....unless you are a Brazilian; then the Old Bill can shoot you in the head 8 times with frangible ammunition in front of multiple witnesses. The Old Bill can then organise press conferences in which the repeatedly lie and spin the facts. CCTV footage can be appropriated and disappeared. Notebooks can be changed and officers allowed to collude before making statements under oath. The Coroner can then instruct the jury that they are not allowed to return a verdict of unlawful killing based on the evidence presented to them. The establishment can then ignore the conclusion of the jury that claims by the two killers to have shouted warnings before firing were false and that they had lied in other aspects of their sworn evidence. Police promotions can be given and the great British unwashed can yawn and return to their soaps. :thumbleft:

  14. I can't help thinking that if the UK had a decent (enforceable and enforced) immigration policy (cf Australia, Singapore, China, UAE, Kenya, Uganda, Chile, Oman and many many others I haven't been to but who I understand are similarly focused) we wouldn't keep getting into this sort of trouble.

    1. If you don't have the right papers when you turn up at the airport/port of entry they send you straight back where you came from and leave it up to the airline/ferry company and the individual to sort out who pays the fare.
    2. If you don't have a work permit and someone employs you (even on a casual basis) they get well hammered if they get found out with a fine greatly outweighing any benefit they might have had from employing "cheap labour".
    3. You can't claim social benefits and there is no endless welcome mat stretched out for you.
    4. If you commit and offence you are jailed pending the court case and if convicted are immediately deported to your home country (or the country you last came in from) and if that puts you at risk of persecution then "oh dear, how sad, never mind you should have thought about that earlier

    Just a few things that we do wrong in the UK and would benefit from learning from others

    And before anyone says anything, I have absolutely no problem with people coming to work in the UK, paying their taxes and benefitting from a system they contribute to but the ones who try to sneak in on dodgy documents or for nefarious purposes - kick the bastards straight back out. This whole concept of asylum seekers (going a bit off thread now) is a joke as far as an island nation is concerned - Asylum is to be granted in the FIRST safe haven they reach ... er France, Italy, Spain - how do they manage to get into UK from mainland Europe and then claim asylum FFS?

    Rant over - nearly!

  15. Well said.
  16. What that man said :thumbright:
  17. The only thing Binyam Moohammid shoud win is one of these to the head…


  18. That's a new spin on someone who went from Britain were he claimed asylum and joined up with Johnnie Jihad and his mates…

  19. Here where I live in Southern Spain, we have a HUGE problem with illegals, usually sub-Saharan, coming across in boats (last Sunday, 29 inc 2 babies caught). There is a special Branch within the Guardia Civil and a very hi-tech surveillence system (also used for drugs) known as SIVE. When they are caught, they are given a medical check, then taken down to Malaga and put on a ferry back to Morocco. Seems to work OK here.

    Oh, and for the bleeding hearts, some do manage to get ashore and are then exploited by the mafias as 'looky looky' men.

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