Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Rumrat, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Out recently and needed a pair of binocs to try and identify an object I fancied at a distant might be a pussers grey. Nicked into a store to buy a pair of binocs and the dearest they sold were a tad over £35.00.
    Won't be much good I thought but bought them as I wanted to skeg said ship.
    Got a real pleasant surprise when adjusted the glasses, they are for the price top notch.
    They are called PENTACON,w20X50ZCF and they are well worth the dollar for the Non Gucci I earn more than you do brigade.
    They are virtually unbreakable (stand fast Sharky and spanner *******) and they do not scratch on the lenses too easily.
    So for the non yacht owners amongst us top value for not top dollar.
    I have a pair of Yukon ranger that although cost around £500 are not that better than these. If you could see around corners then maybe but up to 30ish miles no.Just a tad clearer.
    That is all, carry on parts of ship.
  2. Yeah me too.Cant quite see my neighbours 18 year old properly.
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  3. Admit it, you old fart. It turned out it was an airfix kit on the table in front of you were looking at , wasn't it!
  4. Fuckin busted:tongue:
  5. At the price they are real decent don't you recon?
    I am well pleased with mine and I can leave them in the car at that price without too much worry.
    The dearer ones always ended up forgotten hence buying the Pents.
  6. Who would think there was anything worth nicking in a Stilo, unless you are in the market for rust
  7. Who mentioned STILO you deaf ******.
    I was mega rich by 50 remember?
  8. On a serious note if you can find rust on my motor you have bought the binoculars I recommended.
    The body on my stilo is absolutely perfect, the engine is made by Ferrari so no probs there.
    The main failing is the amount of electronic gizmos on it make for an electrical nightmare, when they do go AWOL.
    Then you start counting mega dosh out.

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