Bin Laden Shoot To Kill

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill - Channel 4 Didnt believe all that horseshit, about the Apache comming down, due to rising hot air turburlance!!! thought it was tail rotar failure, when clipping the outer wall???? but what do i know?? only i went down with tail rotar failure.... and you go down in ever decreasing circles.. like the Septic did:-|
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  2. In Janes defence crew room rag, there was an article suggesting a secret Helicopter was used, with photos of the tail of the aircraft, all weird lookin'.
  3. Had a tailrotor somthing like this beastie if I remember rightly


    I dont remember rightly its bugger all like it.

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  4. Top picture is the now cancelled Comanche, Apache replacement. (I think - I wait to be corrected.)

    Haven't a clue what the lower image is although it does look like a noise reduction mechanism fitted to the tail rotor of something or other.
  5. Could it have been caused by a Fenestron Stall, as the tail rotor has less authority in a cross wind situation. remember the Gazelles did suffer from a similar problem. Or has that been reduced to the myth status. Prefer to go with the "clipped the outer wall theory" as per Scouse.
  6. Was a bloody entertaining programme though, taken at face value, ignoring the fact that, such with 9/11 ( where i more or less believe the official verdict) the obvious omissions from the publicly accepted story.

    I would also like to add my deepest condolences to the bereft families from that day nearly 10 years ago, when i was at school, and asking my mum, what the hell is the world trade centre?
    It was a day when i suddenly realised i might not be as safe as i thought i was, and that some people actually wanted to kill me and many others...
    I went to Ground zero last year, taking the subway, in total silence, scared of where we were going,and looking out from the world financial centre, a local guide saying, " people died where you are standing..."

    So what i am eluding to is, F*ck the conspiracy shite, i just try to remember those that died.
    So yeah, i agree with the closing statement, i am glad that the last thing this **** saw on earth was an m16. I hope sharks eat the shit of the sharks that ate him.
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  7. Totally Agree on all parts, i am also glad the last thing 'it' saw was a gun pointing at his head. HA.
  8. Fenestron Stall was proved to be a myth, I remember watching a video of a French test Pilot doing max rate turns (and faster) before applying max opposite boot and the cab stopped every time. The AAC and RM had no probs with Fenestron Stall.
  9. So that just leaves the Crabs who believe in it.
  10. Pity we couldn't have nicked the bugger
  11. Any leaked info on these "garbage bags full of evidence he was planning attacks all over the world"?

    Perhaps if they'd waited and used the intelligence they did to find him rather than mlaaring into a nation like Jordans son in a ball pool, we could have avoided a war and they would have got their simple minded closure.

    A poster boy dies, nothing changes. Our subsequent actions in Afghanistan and Iraq have done far more damage than the felling of the twin towers ever did.
  12. Good watch.
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