Bills force new mums back to work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, May 13, 2008.

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  1. This makes interesting reading. I would have liked a breakdown though of how many single mums have returned to work, I would guess very few as the benefits system takes care of their needs.

    More and more mothers are being forced to return to work to help make ends meet, a study has found.

    Researchers found parents' choice of caring for their own children is rapidly becoming a luxury available only to those who can afford it.

    The number of stay-at-home parents has hit its lowest level in 15 years with just 7 per cent of all parents now staying at home to look after their children.

    With household bills rising £148 a month since 2007, the real rate of inflation for families hitting 9 per cent, and the UK seeing disposable income at its lowest level in a decade, the rising cost of living is taking its toll on young families.

    The study found that 38 per cent of parents with children under two find they have to go back to work for financial reasons.

    Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at which commissioned the report, said: "Economic factors are taking away the choice for many young families today.

    "People who want to stay at home can't afford to due to rising household bills, and even people who want to return to work can't afford to either, due to the high cost of childcare.

    "As a result, both parents and children are losing out.

    "Any initiatives introduced by the Government that support parents wishing to return to work when they have children should be commended - but we also need to recognise that some parents would prefer to stay at home to look after their children, even if only during the early years.

    "This is all about parents having a say in how they raise their families."

    Once again it's the working people of this country who themselves have very little subsidising the shirking people who seem to have everything.

  2. Ah you are not thinking properly

    If the Mum goes back to work, then they can work only sixteen hours a week, and place the kids in TAX CREDIT PAID CHILDCARE for 60hrs pw

    So you get rid of the little sh8 gits that get you the benefit for the whole week whilst you go out with your girly mates on the pish

    Off course they are going back to work in droves

    Tax credits are a good idea but totally miss managed

    If you only work sixteen hours a week then why pay out for 60hrs child care, it should be limited to work sixteen hours get paid for twenty hours childcare maximum

    Here is a good acceptable scam

    After scrounging for six months you can go back to work and get the full Working tax credit,

    Now this guy has gone back to work self employed growing daffodil bulbs
    His ex earns too much cash to claim more than £10pw for his son so he is claiming for the child

    Back to work after six months scrounxxxxxx unemployment £1200py WTC
    back to work over fifty years old £1200 WTC
    Working tax credit for working 30hrs a week growing daffodil bulbs £3484 WTC
    child tax for fifteen year old £2808 TCC
    child care for pre school breakfast club and after school club £9100 CTC

    Only £18112 per year plus your profit from the daffodils
    thats £348 cash in hand tax free every week plus free health exemption cert , housing benefit, council tax relief. plus your profit from the daffodil bulbs
    Now the bad news if you make less than £5500 from selling your produce then you get it all again the next year less the back to work over fifty element

    Off course you are supposed to be paying the school breakfast and after school club £175 pw out of that, but IF you get caught you have twelve weeks to notify that you had actually stopped paying that and forgot to mention it, Without prosecution

    Now there are in excess of six million claimants, and 3000 enforcers do the maths

    If you are overpaid and still employed, then the overpayment does not incure interest, and providing your earnings are less than £5.5kpy then it is only taken back at 10% over the next x years however long it takes
    If you earn more than £20kpy then it is taken back at £10pw ie you get no payments until it is paid back

    If you become unemployed and thus have no entitlement to claim, then it has to be paid back within one year

    BUT if you have no income and are on Income Support then they can not take blood out of a stone, and come to an agreement
    You get £60 income support we will take £5 OK

    If you can get the school to complain about your little sh8 Damian
    and get him classed ADDH or Autistic then you can up the jackpot by £60pw

    As a female single parent it gets better, as the money you screw out of your ex is not included as taxable income, so disregarded, you can keep all of that too

    If you are honest and become a wedded couple then you get nowt

    Good init

    <> details here

    And if you get caught or want to get more, then these will fight for you

    I was thinking of ditching the Mrs and shacking up with Nancy along the road, and popping home everyweekend for me conjuguals, so long as I do not spend more than three nights at either then we are not a couple
    the extra day I can spend out on the pish wiv me mates

    It does seem a bit too good to be true, well it is really, as you have not to have worked, saved or bought a home ever, you needed to be groomed in the system by your dad, grandad greatgrandad and possibly your greatgreatgrandad in these skills

    Just where do these single Mums get all the babies from???? if they are not part of a couple!!

    Jack McH
  3. The benefits system was and still is generally a good concept. It is very important to look after those who genuinely need it - the old, genuinely sick, the disabled and those who cannot work for real reasons.

    The problem is that in designing the qualifying criteria for these allowances the system has left too many doors open to those who would abuse the facility. The result is a significant number of people claiming because it is easier than working for a living and too many people allowed to come to the UK to work and then don't or who bring their families with them who don't. In the end it is simply about too many people period!

    I know the liberals won’t like it and I am certain that someone will say it impinges on human rights but we really should regularly require those who are long-term unemployed to do some form of voluntary or community service type work. If they are genuine in their inability to find work they will jump at the chance to feel worth again.

    I hate scroungers!! Oh, and I am not necessarily including single mothers in that statement.

  4. They no longer need to bring the family with them, anyone from EU or A8 A2 National can claim for all their children back home (usually around seven) or £420 pw plus for the first year £67 pw plus their income which can be £30k, year two they lose the additional £67 pw and just get the £420 pw, year three or just one month prior they leave or go missing

    I expect £55k in Poland Latvia or Slovakia is quite a tidy sum to set yourself up (I really do not know the cost of living out there, but I expect it would buy you a posh home in the sticks and a nice lump in the bank)

    It would appear to be on par with us going to work in Saudi for £100k py and the Saudi's to give us £400k py for our kids back home we would do two years and retire also
    Only I do not know any other country in the world that provides cash like the UK do to non nationals or even Nationals for that matter

    I quoted Poles, but it could be any of them, the Poles are actully polite and very good workers,
    On the other hand the Romanians Latvians and Somali's I have experince of are IMHO Scum

    On Topic, the reason Mums go back to work is for MORE Benefits and an easy life
    Would you like to be in a house ALL day with three screaming brats, when you can get rid of the sh8s at 08:00 work( well they are there) for four hours muck around wiv yer mates all afternoon and pick the sh8s up again at 17:00 all tired out, fed and watered ready for bed so your evening is free and be paid to do it ?

    Jack McH

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