Bill Rammell on Daily Politics Show (13/07/09)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by willsonline, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Just watched it...what a complete tosser!!!! An 86% increase in resources...from a starting point of virtually nil is hardly ground breaking.

    Unfortunately, little will change even with a change of Government....a complete shower of tossers...where politics engage, the guys on the ground do the dying.........nothing new there...history is testimony to that!

    R.I.P. to those past...and to those yet to come.... :(
  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    He was on Newsnight last night. Paxman had him firmly cornered on a number of issues, to which he robotically spat back, 'Can we just clarify ... ' and the usual, '... what it is important to mention is ...' bullshyt soundbites. What exactly is it with Labour politicians that they just don't get the message? We don't mind fighting, and dying, for our country. It's what we do. We don't mind acting in times of national crisis. It's what we do. When a number of planes are flown into capital buildings and the threads of modern 'democracy' are unpicked, we are there to hold them firm and act accordingly. What we are not there to to is to needlessly put our necks on the line for weasels and cowards sat in the snug warmth of Millbank and Parliament. If we can't afford this conflict, then we should bail. Simple. It's not about 'having the mettle' to finish the job. The job will never be finished. The Afghans are a wily, robust race of people and will never be beaten, never be democratised and never be westernised. The Taleban are their spiritual core. As much as they were hated, as much as we percieved them to be a vile, corrupt and brutal set of [email protected], they were and always will be a persistent thorn in the side of international ambitions to build that Caspian Sea pipeline through to a warm water port. Because, let's face it. This is what this fun and games is all about, isn't it? Next shot is to cosy up to the Uzbeks, the Khalaks and the Kyrsygs and whoever else is deemed useful, and 'westernise' them, despite the fact that Islam abors everything we stand for and will inevitable trigger a new holy war further north.

    Rammell discharged himself disgracefully yesterday evening. Percentages, random figures, evaded 'yes/no' answers and a whole raft of contrary horsecrap, straight from the new mouthpiece of government. The fact that Brown got rid of Browne, installed Hutton, got rid of him and installed Ainsworth shows the sheer contempt Brown has for us. Rammell couldn't effectively answer why it will take one calendar year to redeploy Merlins from Iraq to the Stan. His answer was that it takes that long to reconfigure them for theatre and train the crews. Does ANYONE believe that shyt? Truth is hidden within the programme itself - it was said that America is at 'war', and the whole of their mecahnisms to support that are up at high alert status. We are merely 'on operations', despite those poor feckers being blown to bits last week. Consequentially our whole nation is completely ambivalent to the urgency of requirement - it would cost too much to 'go to war'. Guthrie and a couple of high rankers featured were equally scathing about the government's incompetence in handling this situation, and Rammell's appearance last night spelled out exactly what we know already - that our unelected Prime Minister is beam-on to the wind now reagrding Afghanistan. He is clueless, panicking and has not one scintilla of trust from the boys and girls in green, sky blue and dark blue. He can proclaim that he has given troops out in combat everything they wanted. It is a downright lie. he can proclaim that he has some kind of exit strategy. It is also a lie. He can tell us all that the Tories plan for ten percent cuts and that Labour are doing nothing of the sort. This is also a lie. Gordon Brown is a liar. Do you feel comfortable working for a liar? Do you feel comfortable having a liar running the highest office in the country? We are all shareholders in this company he runs. Whilst his - and other parties elected members line their own pockets, Gordon lies and lies some more. And more 18 year olds die. And he details off twerps like Rammell to come out in front of the cameras to explain away and lie some more.

    How many lies would be told, I wonder, if Rammell, Brown and countless others in office had their sons and daughters out in the sandpit? I'd wager we'd have the very fecking best equipment, hundereds of Chinooks and be nuking the site from orbit. Or not there at all, in fact.

    Time for change.

  3. Levers, what an excellent piece. Please think about forwarding it to the newspapers.
    Well done.
  4. Well said ,levers
  5. "looks up"

    Must be SHITERS

    Jack McH
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Well, it's a bit more coherent and readable than the lorryload of donkeybollox you post up on here. You post like you've got Asperger's or summat.

  7. Nah

    PTSD before it became fashionable and money making

    Or is the Falklands, the Gulf, Iraq and Stan SO MUCH different
    to SUEZ/ADEN/ KOREA / NI /WWII /Digging kids out of Aberfan/ etc

    Not wanting to wander off topic, but it would be interesting why
    thousands of new vets have ptsd
    Yet hundreds of thousands of old Vets do not


    I will start one in there myself

    Regards Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Erm ... yeah?

    It's like the stream of consciousness you'd expect to come out of the femto-watted brain of Kerry Katona, or summat. Try structuring a logical argument, FFS. PTSD used to be called 'shell shock' and thousands were invalided out of every single war since time immemorial for it, you massive tool. It isn't a 'recent' thing. Get a grip (or pyss off) eh?


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