Bikers and Brunstrom

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Karma, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Any fellow bikers are probably aware of the Chief Constable of North Wales and his interesting approach. The latest was the use of imagery without the permission of the families of the deceased.

    I'm no fan of petitions, particularly the No10 website, but this might be of interest to some. Petition to dismiss Richard Brunstrom.
  2. Thats old news done and dusted now i think Karma, but i`ll sign it just the same.
  3. First I saw of it today, posted on a fairly active bikers list, and the dealine on the petition is Sept 07, so still current.
  4. Karma
    His approach was a little unorthodox and was meant to shock. The picture of the headless biker shown to the press was an effort to make them notice the carnage that is happening on our roads. As an ex biker, unfortunately car drivers these days for some reason are unable to see motorcyclists anything that will educate motorists and the press is OK by me. Plus the guy was dead so it certainly did him no harm, the press did not have permission to publish the photo and no member of the family was present.
  5. I'm an ex biker too and I've got to say that the state of bike riding over the last few months has been a shocking joke down here. I've seen so many accidents waiting to happen, caused by bad bike skills, that I'm glad I don't ride any more. I'm sorry he used that photo without the permission of the family involved, but i'm not sorry he showed it one bit (if you see what I mean). Pictures of reckless driving deaths should be shown on hoardings all over the country in my opinion.
  6. Lamri
    I've noticed bike riding skills are at an all time low, however it isn't the guys (and girls) on the large bikes riding badly, its the 50cc putput riders.
  7. Although I agree with Slim and Lamri regarding the publication of the photos, and not wanting to get into any debate about bikers, please don't paint all bikers with the same brush. I am a biker and also a car driver so I see it from both sides. Anything that educates ALL drivers, then fine...
  8. This is the so called "responsible" face of biking!

    Police were appealing for witnesses tonight after a speeding motorcyclist was clocked travelling at up to 170mph.

    The ton-up biker was recorded by a speed trap on the A47 at Terrington St John, on Saturday afternoon.

    He was travelling on a bike with bright yellow features and wearing a blue jacket.

    Inspector Julian Moulton said: “This person was riding beyond the capabilities of conditions - both road and sensibility.

    “They were not only putting themselves in real danger but unsuspecting road users tooâ€.

    Officers are keen to trace witnesses to the incident.

  9. Who is claiming that's responsible riding?
  10. Well all the bikers around here pontificate on how responsible they are,so maybe all the nutters and dickwads that blast to Hunstanton each weekend must be the minority and not from around here.

  11. lamri I suppose we are entitled to our opinion, but I do believe you maybe wrong on this one, obviously my avatar tells all. But I call this silly season. This is early to late spring when fair weather bikers take the dust covers off their bikes and the promptly ride out with mates of all abilities. Promptly try to ride above their own skill level and kill or seriously injure themselves.
    Gotta ask why an ex biker?
    Now im a Torpoint biker and you may know the twisties around here. I know them very well and ride them fast but responsibly and have been doing so for 10 years now. Now every sunday or bank holiday monday I witness all the fair weather riders coming off the ferry screaming up Anthony Road and then riding like a bunch of [email protected] for 10 miles. MOST OF THESE ARE SILLY MIDDLE AGED BORN AGAIN ******* WHO HAVE EXTREME TROUBLE IN GETTING INTO THEIR GARISH LEATHERS AS THEY TEETER DANGEROUSLY ON THEIR LITRE BIKES.
    Btw getting angry now grrrrrrrr.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    From both sides of the fence.... (Sorry!)

    As long as bikers only kill themselves, crack-on. It's kind of irrelevant whether your head's attached when you're dead. But don't come crying to me if someone shows pictures of it & your family is unhappy (has to be a moral there surely?).

    Similarly car drivers, carry on with your inward road rage against bikers that pass you whilst you're stuck in a queue, but always think "Would I do that, if I could?" before you condemn other road users.
  13. Andy, give it a rest mate, not one of the bikers on here, of which I am also one, 'pontificated on how responsible they are.'

    ALL road users should be more aware of what is happening around them. Unfortunately, many don't and as far as bikers go, it normally ends in death or a serious injury. :-(

    A quick tip for car drivers. Before pulling out into that empty lane "Do a lifesaver" by looking over your shoulder as there may just be a biker there that you did not see in your rear view or wing mirror.

    Other than that, I will ride my bike as fast as I see fit for the road conditions.
  14. Every car driver should have six months on a moped/small motorcycle before being allowed to drive a car. Perhaps then they would learn a little about how vulnerable motorcyclists are when motorists dont look properly at junctions and before lane changing.

  15. I never said they did.I meant in my area(geographically).At the present there is a Police initiative re bikers and safer riding but still they dont listen and die.

    By the way i am also an Ex biker.
  16. At one time, long ago, at the School of Aircraft Handling at HMS Siskin, they did indeed start on Motor Bikes and passed that test before moving on to the vehicles, so perhaps there is something to be said for Slims statement.
  17. another small point.... :lol: bikers are not mind readers....please indicate which way you are going to plenty of time before you turn (not 2 flashes after you have moved!!) otherwise you may have a biker in your car with you unexpectedly :D :D

    PS. this comes with a liecence as clean as it has been for 9 years and 9 years no claims bonus on my insurance. (well it would have been if those gits hadn't have knicked my bike :evil: )
  18. A quick tip for bikers as car drivers are not mind readers nor do the have continuous 360 degree vision.

    Do not sit on the blind rear, near, on or off side corners of cars about 8 inches from the bumper at 60 mph. Do not race down the white lane lines on motorways between lines of slow moving cars and lorries at 4 times the speed all the other traffic is traveling at. All multiple daily events on the M11 and North and Central London. Obey traffic lights and other compulsory signs.

    PS This comes with a clean licence of 26 years and driving on average 40,000 miles per year from 1990 to 2005 mostly within the M25 in and about central London.


    PPS These were just the daily commuters and dispatch riders, we have not got onto the Sunday Boy Racers who seem to have and extensive British Sunday Boy Racers Club Chapter in Spain
  19. I also have a clean licence of some 27 years both on a bike and in a car.

    So I assume that makes me a brilliant road user just like you then Nutty? :) ;-)

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