Bike sex man placed on probation

Sounds like the silly sod could do with a trip to the trick cyclists. He was in a hostel so he may well have been one of those hoofed out of an 'Institution" by Thatcher.
And 3 years on the sex offenders register, I thought people were placed on the register if they were a danger to other people, i.e. women or children, not bloody bicycles.
He is obviously gay, observe the male bicycle.
I believe that the bicycle in question has a rather dubious reputation as a well known good ride.
I heard it was a bit of S&M as well, with the bike chained up, 3-in-one oil thrown all over it and he kept whipping it with an old inner tube. :)
Why have they included the victim's picture? I thought they were supposed to remain anonymous.

Unless the picture is just posed by an actor.

Edited for crap spelling
If he was in a locked room, in private, then why the prosecution. Even people in hostels are surely not open to having every aspect of their lives public.
I raleigh can't see the problem.
This isn't new. When I bought my first car, I gave my bike to my pal David. After he'd had the bike for a couple of months, it was completely f**ked.

To be honest, Mr Stewart's bike does look under age. Seriously, though, they will be arresting blokes for sniffing girlie bike saddles next!


Was there no statement by a police spokesman?
shag_shacker said:
i have just done a straw poll in th office and the girls dont mind the sniffing the saddle exercise but not whilst they are still on em.
What about just sniffing the girls?? Not into saddles anyway!!
(Can you ask em..can you ask em, please?) :w00t: :w00t: :thumright:
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