Bike Lessons in Pompey

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by RNGrommits, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. I'm moving down to pompey for the first time in March. I want to get my bike licences while I am down there. Where's the best place to go to and is there anywhere that gives a nice friendly Matelot discount? Someone was saying that they thought there was someone who worked inside the dockyard, but they can't remember who (or even if it is the right dockyard!). Also, is there anyway that I can use my education credits to get pusser to pay for some of it. The crabs seem to be able to, but I am not so sure about us,
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Grommit :thumright:
  2. You'll have no problems finding a bike in Pompey.

  3. ........or riding 'it'...!!!!! :w00t:
  4. paragon in gosport are quite good- or 1st castle in pompey.........

    for my money id go with paragon-
    are u after a cbt or das course?
  5. It's a cracker. :muhaha:
  6. I did my CBT with Paragon in Gosport in 2001

    A year later I did a 3 day DAS with 1st BMF If I remember rightly I think the instructor 'George' was an ex Chops S. They did their CBT etc in the car park at Dryad. I got an RN discount price and because there wasn't a test slot available in the afternoon of my day 3 I did my test the following morning so got a full 3 days training and no extra charge for the bike the following day.

    Based on my 5 year old experience I'd give them a call.
  7. yep George - my hubby did his course with them- dont know if they still run from there now tho?????????????
  8. Been a while since I did mine, but both 1stBMF and Paragon have a decent reputation.
  9. Thanks y'all! Thats been really useful.


    (nice avtar too hussy!)

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