Bike insurance WTF!?

I know, I know, I've spent the past year or so accusing bikers of being bummers, but I think it's time to resurrect my teen years and get a 125 scrambler for getting around the big shit pot that is London.

I've seen quite a tidy looking little supermoto jobby (basically a motocross bike with road wheels and tyres) for just over 3 grand brand new.

This is well within my budget and it looks like pretty good value for money. It looks cool and all the reviews say it is the nuts. For an extra 150 quid it comes with extra off road wheels and tyres so I can use it at weekends for tearing around the woods.

So today I looked at insurance, I've been on a load of the price comparison sites but the cheapest I could find insurance for is over 1200 quid! What the fcuk!?

I have a full car licence (I'll be riding the scrambler on a bike provisional with CBT and L plates), I'm over 25, live in a nice part of town, have some no claims bonus, no convictions in the past 5 years, home owner, position of responsibility at work etc. etc.

Why is it so expensive? By way of comparison, I was paying around £600 for a 50cc when I was 16. I currently pay under £800 quid a year for myself and the missus to both be insured fully comp on our big fcuk off Nissan truck. Even our brand new Alfa Brera S was less than a grand to insure, again that was for both of us.

Any ideas?

Confused of ******* Hoopshire.
What about ringing the companies which insure you for the Nissan and the Alfa and see if they can do you some kind of deal?
Fcuk me that's expensive. I looked at getting at 125 a while back and was pleasantly suprised by insurance quotes. I'm under 25, only got a provisional license, live in a shit hole and have a crap job and I was looking at £600 max.
Have you checked bike specific insurers. Bennets seemed quite cheap.
Just checked Bennets but they wanted over £1200 for TPFT! I've found a TPFT quote for under £600 but I'd be more comfortable if it was fully comp.
I've also checked out insurance for different bikes but they all seem to be similar in price.

I'll think I'll take Sol's advice and try my car insurers.

This is the beast I'm thinking of getting:

It's the Marathon Pro 125 SM I want.


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Big factor; is the bike going to be secured, tagged and garaged?

Theft of a bike is sooo easy (compared with a feck off Nissan anyway)
Sounds like the insurance companies have assessed the type of bike you have selected as a risk.

My 125 commuter scooter of years back was some £130, (10 years ago I am reminded).

There's 'Footman James' bike insurers and Devitt. I use my car insurers, (Frizzell's) underwritten by LV. 600cc machine = £85. However age and no accidents help.

Good luck with the rip of world of bike insurance.
Have you tried confused .com

Another thing I noticed this year and my insurance premiums is that
the voluntary excess for claims has gone into silly amounts.
So if you are quoting the usual £ 100 the premium will be a lot more
try doing first £500 and the premiums will possibly revert to what it was over the past year.

Bikes and first insurance is always fairly expensive especially if you haven't passed your test although your age should bring th price down.

Bl00dy hell! wtf have you been up to? just tried Bennets for a 625cc KTM and got quoted £230 Comp for Soton, bike kept off road :? 8O :?


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try MCE Insurance Crown Way Rushden Northamptonshire NN10 6BS.

i am 42 and they charge £116 quid for a ducati value 2.5K

as a newbie on a provisional you will get shafted at least for your first year due to your lack of experience (whether real or perceived, postcode for storage, security on the bike (its nickability and popularity) and value of bike)

consider getting a 'shitty' 'cheap to insure' bike to build up some NCB for a year or so then trade up (don't worry, when you have a helmet on no-one will see who is riding it)

if you are interested in riding off road legally try the Trail Riders Fellowship (or send me a PM and i will give you more info). contrary to popular belief tear arsing round the local woods/quarry/footpaths will not be legal and if caught/reported will fu*k your inurance premium big time. unless you remove your number plate!

one question though due to you very high initial premium quotes. Misspent youth 2 D D?


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i had a ducati monster 900 12months ago, that didnt cost me anymore than £250 fully comp, age 31 parked in a residential car park, no alarm, bedford and im female 1 year no claims full license since 2001 and it sounded F**king awesome!!!


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I just passed my bike test in August, and for a Suzuki GSX 600-F I'm paying 215 quid a year!

That's with Wicked Quotes, they're pretty good...
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