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big white wall

Big White Wall is a 24/7, safe, anonymous support service, with trained counsellors online at all times. It’s free to UK serving personnel and their families, and to veterans and their families. Just go to and join today for immediate access to support, lots of useful information, and much more.

I retired from the RAF recently and now represent a company called Big White Wall (Login Page - Big White Wall - The support network for emotional health). You may have already heard of us, but just in case, we provide an anonymous, on-line mental health and well-being service, combining social networking principles with a choice of clinical and therapeutic interventions that can be accessed 24/7. It is permanently monitored by counsellors who are trained and supervised by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The counsellors provide help and support, although the on-line community is also encouraged to support each other. Anonymity is at the core of the service, which suits military people well, as they tend to fear the stigma or adverse impacts from open discussion of mental health or emotional problems. Since its inception, BWW has supported over 10,000 people, of which some 2,900 are from Service backgrounds. BWW’s online services include the ability to seek help and support for mental health and emotional wellbeing issues – PTSD, addictions, disability, injury, anxiety, depression, finance and coping with change, to name but a few. Apologies if that sounds like a sales pitch, but it is difficult to summarise our work in a few words.

Although we are not a charity, the MOD, DofH and H4H have funded a contract with BWW until at least 2015, which means the service is free to all military personnel, their families and to veterans and their families.
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