Bigot is this a new term used when someone looses the arguement? Discuss

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. Is anyone else concerned that the word Bigot has been Hijacked by the P.C. Brigade?
    I for one dislike the term Gay, as an old fart I remember when gay was a word used to express joy. However due to my dislike many of the P.C.brigade will state that I am a bigot.
    FFS they are Homosexuals not Gays, Lesbians do not seem to have a problem with the word Lesbian.
    I have been a Conservative voter all of my life, however I now intend to vote UKIP due to the lackluster performance of the three main parties, so I am branded a Bigot.
    It seems to me that the word Bigot has been hijacked by those who do not understand the meaning of the word and is used to attempt to finish an discussion or argument by shaming the opposition.

    One who is narrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices. This word is a general term that applies to everyone (racists, anti-Semites, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes).
    Just as whites can be bigots, so can blacks, browns and yellows.

    So has the word been hijacked and are people trying to change it's meaning?

    Luv Slim the Bigot
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  2. Look on the bright side, if someone calls you a bigot and you shoot them down you can then be promoted to racist ;)
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  3. Or better still a Homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist, racist :p
  4. You are probably right Slim. My politics differs from yours, but we both agree on the fundamental right to voice an opinion. When one can passionately argue on a focussed point of view, that can be classed by the dissenter as being bigoted. The key principle is whether that view can be deemed intolerant or actively promotes prejudice against others, for whatever reason.

    For most people, there are things they cannot or do not want to alter - colour of skin, gender, sexual orientation. Then there are the aspects that are part of where they come from - religious persuasion, cultural norms, nationality and so on.

    Humans being as they are, we always align ourselves with "us" and therefore there will always be a "them". Even if we were all essentially in our sub-group - British, white, male - we would still find a means to differentiate - county (or in my case country ;)), education, favourite sports team. We find these differences partly to be individual from others and perversely, to be part of a specific group. Again, some we can change and some are more difficult to move away from, even if we wanted to.

    For the majority, we can find these differences within the group quite quickly but use it only to identify who makes up that group, so we can understand our place within it and to interact with others. If we wish, we can use these differences for destructive purposes. Or, we can use them to forge a bond that says "we may have differences but we are still part of a larger group".

    Just remember - if there is one thing we cannot tolerate, it is intolerance.
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  5. I am reminded of the heated theological discussion, which resulted in blows being exchanged, between a C of E vicar and a Catholic priest. Both somewhat elderly, they quickly ran out of steam and were somewhat embarrassed at having been involved in an undignified scuffle. The vicar suggested that rather than continue the violence, they should agree to differ.

    The priest replied: "OK. You worship God in your way, and I'll worship Him in His."
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  6. I realise that I have probably sparked this thread from my use of the word bigot.
    If you read carefully you'll see I didn't call anyone on here a bigot.
    Freedom of thought is important and with that comes free speech, which you all have. But the main gist of my comments we're that of supporting the person who asked the question.
    Now I'm resigned to the fact that I lost the popularity contest on this site, but I reject the titles' premise that I lost the argument.
    I didn't come to this site looking for an argument so I regret that a sensitive topic has been turned into one.
    Have a great afternoon!
  7. Am I a bigot, I don't dislike all crabs?

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  8. I don't know you so I will assume not.
  9. If someone calls you a bigot would they be taking a bigotted view?
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  10. You finished your very first sentence using the phrase 'P.C. Brigade.'

    You stepped on a mine without even leaving camp there Slim.
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  11. Mummy, is the "t" silent in Bigot like in Merlot? Or do these people shop at Tesco?
  12. I thought a 'Bigot' was one of those tap thingies on your sink. :cool:
  13. Am I a bigot because I don't like UKIP voters?
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  14. Cor what a bunch of bigots!
  15. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Were Bigots not the people cleared to know the plans for Overlord?
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  16. It's Friday, no work tomorrow so I may have a Bigtot

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  17. Do you not find people that complain about being called a bigot or racist a tactically exactly those things though?
    As far as UKIP being bigots I think people have decided that they are just hiding their true colours to make themselves appealing. Being full on racist has never done the BBP any favours has it.
  18. It's a defence mechanism. "I'm not being racist, but...." "If this makes me a bigot then....." "The PC Brigade may not like it but...." If you're on the defensive straight away, you're argument is already flawed.

    I find the oddest thing being those who cry about being called such things and being labelled, normally accuse others of being leftist, bloody liberal, do-gooders, apologists, PC brigade etc in the very same sentence or diatribe.

    It's the new "is it because I'm black?"
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  19. Or is it because those of us who class ourselves as middle of the road are sick and tired of "leftist, bloody liberal, do-gooders, apologists, PC brigade" and I could add a few more, telling us how to think, I used to think the mind police were a right wing thing, but I hadn't read my Orwell correctly. Careful what you wish as for as you may get it.
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  20. I think you missed the point. It's hypocritical to get ranty about a bit of pigeon holing if you go on to do it yourself. Generalising is seemingly de riguer amongst many at present but there are a lot of people stood surrounded by broken glass, piles of stones and no house....

    'Telling you how to think"

    All parties and people of a political mind do the same to a degree whatever their leaning. That's what politicians, the media and the man in the pub do.
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