Biggs laughs at Justice again

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Maxi_77, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Just proves that the criminal class are far cleverer than the political class.
    Perhaps we would be better off having those with criminal minds in charge of the country..............................ooops sorry forgot, we already have :roll:
  2. Just the ones running the country are not as smart as the real criminals, Biggs for PM?
  3. I dont think he will be going on the piss or looking for a bg off
  4. So we should look on the bright side, there will probably not be any more little Biggs.

    That man has laughed in public at this country for the las 30 odd years and is still laughing at us having worked the system and escaped from jail again It is a farce not justice. How do you really expect to instil some sence of honesty and decency in the youth of today when they see the likes of Biggs being able to wank all over the system.
  5. I note that


    I wonder if that's to guard against right minded people being visited by "the boys"?
  6. It's probably to prevent Biggs from being able to sue the Express after some of their readers indulge in what may be described as 'robust' posting.

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