Biggest boobs in the world?


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The Sun said:
...Chelsea, from Minneapolis in the US, got the giant boobs by having them injected with polypropylene - a substance used to make packaging...
Hmm, I'm sure that's the stuff they used to tie me up with when I was Swimmer of the Watch... :shock:
Best bit's the look on ol' Phil's face ! Christmas come early or wot ? Sorry if it bursts any bubbles but a definite 'No'.....look at the angle of 'em.....heading for 80 degrees out front far too upright for real tits that size no matter how good the upholstery.....gotta be a pump in the armpit somewhere.


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One of my neighbours has got the biggest pair of tits i've ever seen.

Her twin boys. Right couple of fuckwits they are.

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