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Sunday March 9th 2008 - 21:07 GMT.

Well - it's a start. Don't use FaceBook, MySpace or any
of the other Electronic Wormholes on the WWW - so I
guess this'll be my BlogSpace from now on.

Right - what to do? Well, first the Earth cooled,
and then the Dinosaurs came but they got twatted
by a gi-naggerous asteroid, so after a bit of evolution
and stuff, I joined the Navy as....oh ram that! Some
photographs of ladies would be ever-so-slightly more

Caroline Munroe - The Lambs Navy Rum Girl...remember her?

Some James Bond Poon-Tang

Jane Mansfield

And a damn good reason why women should not do Steroids

More drivel soon when the caffeine kicks in.

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BillyNoMates said:
Mister Blair & Mister Bush in Video-Conference.
(Just released thanks to the Freedom of Information Act)

WARNING!! Naughty words are used....frequently.
WOT NAUGHTY WORDS, Like "Peace, Freedom, Responsibility, Truth, Honour, Support, Trust, I was wrong, Oil, Care"

Naw they would not use shocking words like that in public would they????????

Nutty :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:

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