higthepig said:
So you were on the Antic, the rescue tug?.
A Fleet tug that towed BPT's in the Med and later when Hong Kong based. Did no rescuing so far as I am aware but might well have needed rescuing had those salvos from Daring and Defender come any closer
Seaweed said:
He's been reading books on his hols. Mods, Gash Barge asap please.
As difficult as it might be for you to accept . We carried out triangulatiion. Modern cameras took the place of the Cmd Gnr. in his patent leather ga(i)ters and his wooden rake . We endured both side by side for a few months but the commissioned GI was made a Lieutenant and golden-bowlered. Modern technology prevailed.
jennyw said:
As the Cox'n of the Antic once said to me "If I had one third of yours--Yours would still be three quarters bigger than mine.
He was talking about your ego, you ******** :thumright:
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