Big white ships.

Discussion in 'International' started by BillyNoMates, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Both ships are huge, 894-feet (272-meter) leviathans with a flight deck displacing 69,360 tons. They have a combined 2,000 beds, 24 fully equipped operating rooms, radiological services, medical labs, intensive care units, dental services, physical therapy and burn care, pharmacies, optometry labs, CAT scan and four oxygen factories. Together with volunteers from non-governmental medical organizations, they help tens of thousands of civilians affected by natural disasters. The US Navy's floating hospitals played a very important role in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, the South East Asia tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, to name just a few.
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  2. Presume the Hecla would have fitted in the hangar. ?
  3. Bloody hell, they must be big if the flight deck displaceses 69,360 tons!!
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  4. Wouldn't float those too close to the coast of Syria at the moment. The Russian planes seem to think those big red crosses mean "bomb here".
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  5. Paint big MDA's on them. (Star of David). The russians might get more than they thought they'd bitten off...:)
  6. [​IMG]

    On Quest tonight ..2100 , Mighty Ships...USNS Comfort.
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  7. .......Quest + 1 at 2200 aswell.

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