Big `uns


War Hero
They are big Higs, but in all honesty what use are they?
Do we gaet a prize for the best suggestions?


War Hero
I think they would make a great present for my grandsons, I'll tell them that they are a new type of bouncy castle!


From my local rag today.....

Clair Douglass grateful for breast reduction operation

SHE was in constant pain with bleeding sores and a stoop - now her life has been transformed for ever thanks to breast reduction surgery.

Mum-of-two Clair Douglass, 34, from Foxwood, had battled for years to get her naturally huge size H-J breasts reduced on the NHS.

They were so big she could not pick up her children, had bleeding sores on her shoulders where her bra straps dug in, and twice had to be rushed to hospital with severe back problems.

But now her breasts are a normal size 38C after she underwent a breast reduction procedure paid for by a national magazine - which picked up on our coverage.

"The difference in me is unbelievable," said Clair. "I can pick up my daughter without thinking my back is going to go. The pain in my back has gone altogether. They (my children) have got a new mum."
andym said:
Nice fenders they got there!
They'd certainly be more interesting to look at that boring black tractor tyres! Perhaps Pusser could be persuaded to dangle a few of these maidens over a ship's side somewhere. Saudi Arabia perhaps? :roll: :lol:


War Hero
OMG........... who is the more sick ,the girls for doing that to themselves or the idjit surgeon that performed these opps..
these two lovely looking ladies need counciling...
And yes mine may be big but I got stuck in the boob que...thout it was the booze que


higthepig said:
Talks cheap Josiecats, reveal all and prove your point.

I will reveal that Josies are big , but lovely with it , & matches her heart , bless her , Josie can you help me sort this bloody laptop out next week sometime , off to work in a minute ,

Did you know "higthepig" shagged a French bird once , but does'nt like to talk about it , :lol:


War Hero
Those boobs are absolutely disgusting. However I would need a couple of weeks close contact to be certain.

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