Big T's anyone?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by the_mighty_tug, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. anyone who has ever been based down in culdrose will shudder violently at the name 'TRELAWNEYS'

    who here has ever graced the sticky dance floor with their gash dance moves?

    or been thrown out for being too pissed (by cornish standards!)

    c'mon and share the snaggy dits folks!

    you gotta love big t's!!! :toilet: :afro: :w00t:
  2. yea big t's is one place to avoid but being the only club around for 12 or so miles we dont really have much choice. im still trying to get my head around why it seems always so appealling to queue up for it come midnight but cant stand the place when i walk past it in the street in daylight!!!
  3. It's a matlot thing!

  4. its the whole reason why that place is still running really, including the other 7 pubs all next to each other, anywhere else and it just wouldnt work
  5. Trelawnys is ace, as long as your happy rattling the same six local birds as everyone else for 2 years, having shaggy haired little Cornish scrotes trying to sell you weed and getting kicked out by the fat bird for swearing. It's like no other nightclub in the world. I've had some cracking runs in there. Apparently there's an upstairs bit too but I've never confirmed this. Top tip, do not under any circumstances upset the kebab bloke next door (The one with the serving hatch onto the street.) I've seen him flash and it's not pretty! Also beware the stream running parallel to the pavement, many a Matelots ankle has been wrecked by this marvel of industry.
  6. Ah the "Ladystreet" I remember it well (sometimes) ......
  7. ladystreet is long gone, now i've heard that that was a right dump. got closed down due a drugs raid i heard
  8. yea there is an upstairs got its own music and bar and everything (gasps in awe) the floor is even stickier upstairs tho so once your up their theres not much chance of coming down, same reason i guess why you keep seeing the same people up there everyweek, coz their stuck there lol
  9. BRILLIANT! i was there due to 'training' for the fire strikes in 03. I thought culdrose was fantastic and in trelawnys i found a place like no other.
    60 booties from arbroath and 12 matelots on that course, sh*ters for a month. Trying to get it on with the rats barmaid called Ziggy of all things, then going home with the skinniest bird in the place who still lived with her parents. And i particlarly liked the flagstone dance floor, great idea that one!
    As for upstairs, a bit hazy but i seem to remember it looked a bit like a hotel bar, chinzy and lots of gold and red.
  10. ladies night on a wednesday was always pretty amusing especially when 90% of the club were blokes!!! lol :pukel:
  11. mind you i aint been for a good 5/6 months now! bloody hell i aint been in big t's at all in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somethins gotta be wrong1 :pukel: :tp: ^_^;

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