Big Thanks to the Crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Pete_N, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Granted, The Sun is never the best source for any news story but it appears that our American counterparts have really pulled out the stops to give the Help for Heroes fund a bit of a boost. I wouldn't have thought the Americans would overly concerned about our wounded soldiers given their own casualty numbers, let alone run a marathon on their behalf. Efforts like this deserve some recognition, so well done to all that took part.
  2. The squaddie could have worn something other than his faded 95's.
  3. BZ to the septics.
  4. Massive BZ to the Yanks. Top class.

    Sun still manages a f**k up though. I suspect that the personnel involved weren't 'soldiers' as captioned.
  5. Good on em and I retract any deprecating remarks I may have made in the past. :)
  6. Well done to the Americans for supporting our lads.

    But ya gotta laugh at the Sun!

    50 x US F15 Hornets!!!!! I thought the Hornet was the F22.

    Or is it me that needs another beer!!!!
  7. BZ to them all , awsome , US Carrier battle Group , and they have 12 of them kinnell , the latest one being the USS Goerge H W Bush commisioned in January this year .... :salute:
  8. The Big Stick , just about sums it up ...
  9. Isn't the F-22 the Raptor? But the F-15 is the Eagle... According to wiki, the F/A-18 is the Hornet.

    Edit: And isn't that what the Sun said in the article? 50 F18 Hornets?
  10. Several days later and - maybe I did need another beer.

    When the Sun starts quoting exactly then so will I!!!! :lol:
  11. USS Theodore Roosevelt... what a cap tally that would make !
    Here's a thought... what if we named our warships after Prime Ministers...
    HMS Blair...sees which way the wind is blowing then follows that course, likes to think it performs better when in company with much larger vessels.
    HMS Brown...does pretty much the same, but takes three days to think about it.
    HMS Thatcher... great anti submarine vessel, (just ask the Argies) relishes roughers, sorts the men from the boys.

    Any other suggestions....

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