Big strong and fit people needed

I am currently in training for the AIB- both mentally and physically. I have got the mental side covered I hope!
I am however hoping that some burley rugged man, preferably handsome, would be able to give me some advice on the best way to increase my fitness levels in 8 weeks.
Am I being unrealistic on how much I can achieve in only 2 months??
I am currently hitting 8ish on the multi-stage fitness test but would like to make sure I get comfortably into the nines.
I have a gym membership BUT find that no matter how long I run on the treadmill as soon as I do any road running the prep seems to have been fruitless.
Any suggestions on the best way to increase your VO2 max?? I was told that the best way is to drop some weight!


Lol, what does handsome have to do with advice?

You're not gonna see the face of the bloke who replies! lol

Anyway - Not that I'm a fitness expert, but HIIT is a good way to get you super-fit. Especially on roads that tend to go up and down instead of straight!

I must say your initial 'Big' photo was much better than the shrunken down one you've now edited in... now you can barely see it! :wink:


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A training programme can be found on the BRNC website in the Pre-joining info section, if you haven't already tried it it's at: BRNC pre-joining fitness programme.
Alternatively try and get your hands on a book similar to this.

Aside from that I find climbing to be quite a good way on building up stamina and general fitness, plus I would suggest running on the roads to be better than running on the treadmill (just not all the time).

Otherwise, have a look on ARRSE; plenty of threads all over the place there, though there may be something useful in the Booty sections of RR.
Can't really properly suggest any more as I'm not doing anything like that yet.

creddly said:
Lol, what does handsome have to do with advice?

You're not gonna see the face of the bloke who replies! lol

not really serious about the handsome part... but i will say that every girl is partial to a handsome man. I was not however advertising for a potential partner.

xx thanks for the advice guys
You'll be amazed what you can achieve in two months. I was damned ill a few years back, and lost a lot of weight and CV fitness through it. Within 8 weeks I was pretty much back to the standard I wanted, all scheduled around a full time job.

First off, get your feet looked at by a proper running shop, and get Trainers to suit your foot type and running style. They will have you do a run strike onto a pad to sort out what type you are, and the difference it makes to your road run ability is massive.

Next up, get yourself some Celafen capsules. Take 800mg per day. Your young, granted, but your going to do a lot of high joint impact training, so you need something that will protect and build the joints back up if damaged. You cant afford the time for injury recovery.

Lastly, aim to train twice, moving to 3 times per day. Start off with road bashing first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and watch your diet. After about 3 weeks of this, you'll be settled in far enough to do some light weight training at lunchtimes. I used to do boxing type circuits for 40 mins at lunchtime, and they really help get your muscles prepped for building themselves up again.

After about 6 weeks, start running with a backpack. It doesn't just help with the fitness, but gets the skin on your upper body used to some slight chaffing/irritation.

Do the usual; eat well, cut back on alcohol for a while, no fast food crap is a must, and in 4 weeks you'll feel great, and be amazed at your fitness levels.

You'll murder anything the RN can throw at you if you go for it before you join.

Good luck
lauralovestodig said:
I was not however advertising for a potential partner.

That's very good news - Because that's the last thing you want if you're entering the Navy IMO. That's why I'm staying single - Things tend to get complicated when there are ties at home! :?

lauralovestodig said:
not really serious about the handsome part... but i will say that every girl is partial to a handsome man.

Well I suppose my face which was carved by Angels, will be wasted when I devote myself to the Navy and live a single life - I wonder if I can donate it to someone not-so-fortunate in the looks department before I enter... it can be put to good use then! :p


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Do they do a fitness test at the AIB now?

Lots of good advice here, especially about the trainers, don't just put any old pair on!

All the piccies are good, ever thought of coming down to HMS Sherwood? Don't wish to appear keen or nowt but drill nights are on a Tuesday and I know plenty of Sherwood matelots who would give you a ride, I mean lift!!

Please accept the last with your tougne firmly planted in your cheek!

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