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So this is my third and hopefully final post but also the most interesting I think - what are the big no go areas for going into the Royal Navy?

i.e medical history, fitness, attitude and personal history.

what will just get you rejected before you manage to get your foot in the door?

cheers guys, hopefully some interesting stuff.
I'm expecting the fellow tongue-in-cheekers to give me the 'turning up with a spliff in one hand' response. But i guess any response will be good!
i was thinking more about your mental health. I suppose there would be some mental health issue in order to get that tattoo in the first place though . . .
What medical related things have people been rejected for. A friend of mine failed because of a small patch of skin on his elbow that was a stress related skin disorder. Seems extremely strict!
you will be assesed re health and mental health and if you have forgotten to mention something on your forms then they do have grounds to dismiss due to fraudulent entry.Just tell the truth and all will be fine.Of course ,iF you have MH issues,its a different ball game.

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