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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Piglet, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Anyone remember the Gosport groupies - Manky Maureen and Hatchet Head, used to frequent the RA when it was a REAL pub.
  2. Recent comments about the ladies of the night brings out a suggestion. Does anyone have photographs of the stars of the fleet, unlikely but possible. Probably photos taken with a box camera but it would be interesting to see some of the faces from the RoE, Lennox or any of the other old haunts in Pompey or Guzz. No porn of course but maybe a snap shot taken in one of the old dives with perhaps a slappers' hall of fame to follow, :oops:
  3. In the R.A .66-67. Skinny bird allways in the back room where juke box was,allways allright for ten bob on a blank week.Anyone remember her name.
  4. There was a barmaid worked the downstairs bar in the Clachan in Helensburgh in the early 70s. I had the occasional dalliance with her, built like a Maori stoker and rough as a badgers bum. But any port in a storm after an evening on the heavy - Maureen I think she was called ?
  5. DADDY ????? :oops:
  6. First trip I did on VALIANT in 74, we had to stop off in Faslane to change the ALN. On the one night stopover, I renewed acquaintances with this fine lady. Crawled back on board at 0730, to be greeted by a very hungover TI (Olly Burton). After passing comment on my nights adventures, I waved my fingers under his nose to help him share the experience. He promptly gives a technicoolur yawn from the SRs bunk space door to the bottom of the ladder, to greet the SRs Mess Pres (Colin Elliott) as he emegered from the shower ! Did nothing for my image with the SRs, but my street cred went up no end with the lads......
  7. Anyone remember big Sylv. I first met her as a very young EM1 with a load of reprobates of the Troubridge we decided to have a chinky before washing it down with copious amounts of Scrumps etc. Half way thru the meal Big Sylv rolled in to the resturant one of our stokers one Charlie Pratt remembered that Sylv had just had a sprog, god knows who had the guts to do that obviously to lazy to w**k anyway Charlie as always being polite asked Sylv if she was alright and what was it like having a baby. We sat there and watched this woman fume then suddenly explode with you dozy b*****d have you ever tried shitting a football? Well if you have you will know what its like.
  8. Ah Big Sylv, the mother (and Father) of decorum. Last saw her during the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review and bought her a pint of scrumps - least I could do for her, the number of pints she bought for a little OD from Guzz fed up fcuked up and far from home.
    For the older and bolder, anyone remember the Derry Gang from Greasy Barney's (this isa nota Greasy Barneys, this isa Mrs Corrieri's ?) The Apache, No Nose Nellie and Billy the Beefer ? Fish and chips was disgusting, but the wine wasn't bad - or was that the vinegar ?? Could never tell....
  9. Cheers Jan for that.On Big Sylv used to go ashore with the lad who pulled her out of Pompey Harbour when she tried to end it, he was allways lashed up,thing was he was only 10stone drip wet.UP SPIRITS!!!
  10. I first met big Sylve when as a baby stoker the lads sent her over to tap me up.....which she did beautifully.

    years later I remember going for a piss in a bar in Hong Kong (wan chi ) and someone had written "I love big Sylve" on the wall.

    Made me feel quite homesick for a second or two.
  11. There were a couple of young ladies that used to hang around with the SM2 boys in the early eighties.
    One was called The Screaming Skull or S Skull for short and her mate was called Space Hopper. :blob: One of the canteens in Guzz dockyard used to sell cider to the lads, many's the time I've crashed out under the casing after a couple of flagons, laying on the pressure hull over the RC....nice and warm in Winter. Anyway the ladies who used to run the canteen were known as Limpin' Lil......polio as a youngster I think, and her side kick Static. Static only ever spoke one word.......FINISHED and whether you had or not your plate was gone. We used to ask Lil for something she'd not got just to hear her say noooooooooooooo with a really broad janner accent.

    Does anybody who served at Northwood remember a group of cleaning ladies known as The Hoover, her daughter 'Baby Hoover' and 'Granny Hoover' what a team they were. They 'did' all sorts of extras for the lads! :downtown:
    Happy days indeed.
  12. There was the mother and daughter in the RA Sonia and Tina if anybody remembers them.My oppo had Manky Maureen just before we went on a sneaky,got me to promise not to tell anyone.

    I had to wait downstairs and then had to give him a kick so we wern't

    Of course I kept my word,until we got back onboard.

    Thats what an oppos for isnt?
  13. If it's the same one, and I could be wrong, but didn't Big Sylv marry a Jackdusty Killick in the 70s ?
  14. What about Irish Mary.Bourght her half of heavy and payed the bus fare to Dunbarton, she payed forthe taxi back to the Base , only just made harbour stations!! "I dont do this with every one "she said , we where only in for 2 days and 4 lads to my later knowledge off the boat had beaten me to to her
  15. I think I remember the canteen SELJUK is on about: walk in there and it was filled 50/50 with the old ARK crew & SM2 @75/76. Couldn't be assed to queue up for the 2 pint bottles of dirt cheap Blackthorn one day, so borrowed a foulie and a PO's cap, walks in and roars (in best SM2 imitation of a skimmer GI) "ARK ROYAL ships company, report back on board at the rush". Exit skimmers at the rush, walks to front of queue, "2 bottles of Blackthorn please", to be greeted in pure Guzzspeak "Peter, you'm little bugger, I'll tell you'm mother about you'm" - yes, she was an old pal of me mum's that I hadn't seen for years ! And we mineswept all the leftover Blackthorn ! Happy days !!
  16. Isa,
    '75/76 was the exact time I frequented this canteen when on Swiftsure, stuck in 5 basin, smelly corner, after DED. I certainly remember the Skimmer lads frequently being scooted out by some irate senior rate or other. A glare from one or two of the more salty sea dogs on Swiftsure changed said SR's attitude to us. One actually said 'I'll report you lot to your Maste....I mean Cox'n'. 'Go ahead......he's over careful though his bite IS worse than his bark'.
  17. No pics of the ladies in question I'm afraid - but this one might evoke a memory or three, (can't ever remember seeing it in daylight, let alone when its not raining...)

    "Welcome to Helensburgh"

  18. I remember a short stay in Faslane doing COCQs and visiting the Clachan. In hot weather the upper bar door was propped open with a stool, on very warm evening I sat on this stool and was accosted by a lady from Alex estate who said"If you were a gentleman you would let a lady sit down". I foolishly replied "if you were a lady I would let you". I remember waking at the bottom of the stairs when being manhandled by two girt big coppers. oh happy days.
  19. That will be the Imps on the edge of the photo to the right. Many a happy night spent crawling around that area either waiting for my pizza or a cab.Sometimes you would get a tidy NP to give you a lift in his pussers tilly (complete with cage in the back).
  20. One memory of a startling incident in the "Imps".

    Young kid came through the door late one afternoon selling
    the local paper (Helensburgh Advertiser" I think). Some
    pissed-up local mong (n-o-t a submariner or anyone from
    the base) took exception to his presence and thumped him one. :thumbdown:
    Cue everybody in the place to hoof the living crap out of the moron. :threaten:

    Kid is helped up, everybody had a whip-round and
    he leaves the place fifty quid better off. Moron flung through
    front door and left to bleed on pavement...then back to
    "socialising" again! "
    "Pint O'Heavy and a Glenfiddich please..." :w00t:

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