Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Deeps, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. When i arrived at Dolphin after a few years on skimmers , many of the Faslane lads went on and on about ''Big nance'' an old slapper in Helensburgh .I spent 4 years as a regular in the ''IMPS'' and i never came across her . Was she real or just a rumour ???
  2. Big Nance? Commodore of Collingwood at the moment, so following the sex change and the promotion, currently doing quite well for him/her/itself!
  3. She was still frequenting the Imps last time I was in Helensburgh.

    Mind you that was about 4 years ago and I did hear a rumour she had passed on!
  4. Don't forget her mates; Train Smash, Bizzy Lizzy and Gasoline Jaqueline.
  5. My mate Fritz was bonking Big Nance when we were causing mayhem in PJ land in the early eighties on Swiftsure. Looking through her thick fly blown specs and asking what she wanted to drink, and decyphering the thick Jockwegian accented reply that would have given Bletchely Park a run for their money was difficult enough but try doing it pissed. She ran a harem or was it a brothel..... ahh memories!
  6. Don't you think she looked like a "Cabbagepatch Doll" with specs (and acne!!)
    God, all those plukes!!.
    Still, she had a heart of gold.
  7. Yes. Perfect description, it made me shiver recalling the image. 8O
  8. See you blokes live up to the old adage "A drunken d*ck has no conscience"
  9. Seeing as i am in the Army now and have been for 9 years , i am just wondering where any of my old ship mates are .So if there are any serving Tactical Systems ratings or OM TSM or whatever they are called now on this site .Drop me a PM and i will give you a few names of ''me oldmuckers'' to see if they are still about . Cheers
  10. If big Nance existed can the same be said of Dumbarton Dawn.
  11. as a former skimmer of 14 yrs, and born and bred in helensburgh, nance ( nancy ) is real, she was a rather big lady, but with a heart of gold, know by most deeps and skimmers that went into the imps. she is still living in helensburgh and doing ok
  12. Interesting to hear rumours of Big Nance's early demise are somewhat exagerated!
  13. Oh yes she was real alright, im glad to hear she is still alive and kicking, I wander if she is still kidnapping young matelots and taking them back to her boudiour, I nearly missed the boat cos of that night. A real legend she must be getting on a bit she was about 55 when I knew her and that was in 89
  14. I hope when you say you nearly missed the boat doesn't mean you caught the boat up DBB lol . Big Nance sounds like she's heading for the slappers' hall of fame in the company of Pompey Lill et al circa 1950 . Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting BN she seems to be well known and a favourite with the fleet. Rather sad these people although they do a necessary job. Should be a special branch in the service so they can receive proper maintenance and get the pension no doubt after becoming a fifth pricker was it ? :lol:
  15. Jeeze it's all comming back now mid 70s to 80 was a regular in the Imps, Royal, commodore and the rest, remember Big Nance
    well :roll: :roll: :roll:
  16. Big Nance,pints of Diamond heavy and The Imps,we didnt realise how good we had it in them days. 8O

    Remember Pay Night every fortnight on a Thursday when they had a band on up at the Club at Faslane(The name of it eludes me!) and the Dunbarton Debs would come rolling in!!

    Especially the one who we all thought had a wooden leg and we would do our best to turn her around the wrong way to try and get it to crossthread!!

    As a sideline to this;

    Is the old Hoolie bar still downstairs at Faslane? Where they let you go on your first night in after a patrol,with the plastic tables and chairs?

    It was alongside the bowling alley if memory serves me right.
  17. The place on the patch was called the DRUMFOLK club , lots of friendly
    ''oncrew wives'' at the bar . I would buy a crate on my NAAFI card and
    take it back to the block at Faslane .Of course there was CHEERS BAR
    in Dumbarton and the disco on a thusday night at the COMMODORE.
    Happy days !
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Drumfork Club, in the middle of the Churchill Estate with a NAAFI shop there too - it was halfway between my home (Kent Drive) and the local school; when I lived there the Churchill Estate was still new (in fact it was still being built in places) and our family was the first to occupy our quarter.
  19. My Uncle did her when he was a Fore-endy on Bombers
  20. the hoolie bar now there was a place to get rat assed in, just hosed it down afterwards.

    Can't remember the name of the club though.

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