Big lens etc

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by oberon, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Big lens

    Snappers (thats Photographers NOT homosexuals) having fun! :tongue:
  2. Haha
    I love it =]
    Thats what photography is all about
  3. Along with erecting an awning on a caravan. A camera has been the fault of many a divorce. They just don't understand!!
  4. The question is.. what have you been photographing?
    Haha =]
  5. Or what were photographed doing???? :dwarf:
  6. Those lenses are huge!! Imagine breaking one... :D Hell, you could use them as weapons if you really had to.
  7. Can anyone here help me?

    ive been in navy almost 5 years now and am thinking about transferring to photographic branch.

    If you've been or are a phot rating i would appreciate any advice you have on how to go about transferring,drafts you can get,day to day routines etc even old dits would be welcome!

    cheers! :thumright:
  8. Size isn't everything! :biggrin: Its the quality that matters.

    This is the sort of lens I really like: the leaf shutter is manually cocked, the shutter speed and aperture manually selected and the focussing done by moving the board mounted lens in and out and tilting where necessary. No idiot proofing whatsoever. If you forget to remove or replace the dark slide then you either get no exposure or you ruin your freshly exposed image.




  9. Check DCIs.
  10. LENS

    Bought a 150mm Sigma Macro lens it lasted about an hour. Must have been the USM [Ultra Sonic Motor] all I recieved was a dark screen.

    Phoned the shop in London it was the man from Delhi again!!

    I know what it is he shouted. You have left the lens cap on!!!

    You couldn't make these stories up could you.

    It was on the good ship Venus OMG you should have seen us.

    Actually it was the Santa Dash in Liverpool you walk on the right side my love I will catch you later just taking this one shot.

    Now the question I ask you is can you spot my true love she is the one with the glitter on the end of her sleeve..

    Of course you can!!!

    This pic was used for Christmas cards Stateside.

  11. Great pic. BTW whats a lens cap? Are they one of those round black things at the bottom of my Peli case?

  12. Almost a helpful answer - except DCIs don't exist anymore
  13. Looked and looked, but I can't decide.
  14. Liked the upskirt shots , mmmmm

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