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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. golden_rivet

    golden_rivet Supporters - GCM

    As a cheese-eating surrender monkey I interest myself in events across the water. Will Segolene be the next President of France??? Hope so - still I was keen on the concept of the UK getting a woman Prime Minister until we actually got one. Nearly voted for her too - phew lucky escape there :roll:
  2. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    She was the best PM we had since Churchill IMO, no backbone in that office since either
  3. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    But like Churchill she stayed too long, just as Blair has.
  4. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Oh definately. And I think she was getting deluded towards the end too.
  5. type42stoker

    type42stoker New member

    Oh just a bit. But unlike Bliar she wasn't obsessed with her bloody legacy. Can't say I ever voted for her, and didn't always agree with her policies, but like Churchill she was the right person to be in charge during a tough time.
  6. dublinclontarf

    dublinclontarf New member

    It's funny how it was a woman who turned out to have more balls than any of the men in that office since then.
  7. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    had more balls than blair- i think she still has
  8. rugger_bob

    rugger_bob New member

    Maggie, was one of the best PM'S this country has had since WW2,
    yes she made mistakes, but also told other countries what she thought of there actions or behaviour, she made this Britain GREAT, she had as Brazen said more balls than most men.
    I believe if we could have another like her, we wouldnt be in the situation this country is with its armed services, Iraq etc, and of course we wouldnt have to put up with Bush and his lap dog Bliar.
    Yes she made many errors of judgement and did grow stale, but think of the way the world respected not just her,but this country as well.
  9. Scouse_Scribes

    Scouse_Scribes Badgeman

    Post title had me pondering, thought our green bretheren had a big op on.
  10. andym

    andym War Hero

    Who give a shit?Shes a Frog! :lol: :lol:
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hig might!!!
  12. I say 'don't vote' ....and off with their heads!!!!!

    ok - Let them eat cake....then off with their heads..... :wink:

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