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Having only just been made aware of the McGangbang was wondering if anyone would recommend any other legendary big eats that will induce instant heart attack but need to be consumed at least once in ones lifetime?
The 'Billy Bunter' @ The Swan, Aberford Nr Leeds.
8oz steak , 8oz pork chop , full coil of Cumberland sausage , full pigs liver and kidneys , 2x 4oz beef burgers , full chicken breast , four fried eggs and doorstep of fried bread. If you can eat the lot in one sitting you get it for nowt. Only know of one bloke to finish it and he asked for some bread to mop up the juices.
Mario's Cafe'.

The challenge: eat their "Big Breakfast", 10 eggs, 10 sausages, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 slices of toast, five black pudding slices, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked bean in 20 minutes or less (without a drink). The Prize: get it for free, otherwise fork over £10.95. (which is pretty damn good considering what you're getting!). 5,000 calories of Full English!

People travel the globe to try this monster, many have tried, most have failed, few have eaten the load, but no man nor beast has done it in the time limit. - Mario's 10 Egg Big Breakfast Challenge, Westhoughton, UK
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