There were tons of amazing late night take away venues in about 84-90 in Guzz/Pompy!!
Remember the one beside Nelson that was basically a portacabin by a roundabout?
Happy days!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
The " can you get it all in burger" from the wagon opposite Pompey station on a Sunday night. Always good after the carnage of the train journey from Guzz.
Seem to remember an Oggie wagon on the Guzz side of the chain ferry back in the early 70's! No idea if its still there or gone when the Old King died.
Meat pie wagon opposite Aggies in Pompey run by father and daughter , her norks were like Chesty Morgans........we had her down our mess one saturday afternoon but that is thread drift and will say no more.

epsom salt

Lantern Swinger
Seem to remember an Oggie wagon on the Guzz side of the chain ferry back in the early 70's! No idea if its still there or gone when the Old King died.
Pigs Trotters had been sold from a stall at St Levan's gate since Napoleonic times (Fresh milk was added in about 1945)
Then in the 1950's Ivor Dewdney came along with his Oggies (one half potato the other half all potato) continuing to sell fresh milk. By the 1960's he was selling 1000 Oggies + at lunch time alone.
A long time employee of Ivor's was a Mrs Phyllis Meatyard.
Been there done that and have the video's converted to c.d.'s Many big eats world wide including working my way through the menu at the China Fleet Club.But! the one that flashes up my memory banks is ;_ as a under age o.d. in Gibraltar , steak egg and chips with a pint fcuking essence!
Rosyth Dockyard '84\5, Glasgow in drydock. Used to go to Jackie O's in Kirkcaldy on a Thursday night, back onboard around 03\0400. The civvy canteen was just by the drydock and you could get a full breakfast for not a lot. Comfort food.
Always remember Malta, a night down the Gut (Hop Leaf or Marsovin) followed by a fried egg banjo from the Dreadnought Bar at Custom House Steps before getting a Dhaisa back across to St Angelo where the Rusty B nearly always moored up.
Just a slight deviation, location wise, but can you still taste the terrific egg banjo's with the whatever flavour milk shake in the dockyard at Singers. Bloody great for the morning after the night before.


Lantern Swinger
I remember stand easy pink or chocky milk served in a plastic bag and cheese, onion, and tomato rolls , in sambewang dockyard.
Greasy Spoon at Portland just up from the Shutters - my first experience of the "Messy Burger"; can't remember if they were good or bad, but they didn't blow the guts apart in the morning. Unlike anything from Iranian Ali's burger van in Pompey. Served from that little shack on wheels opposite the RC Cathedral / next to the mini-roundabout, you were practically guaranteed 15 mins in the shitter before turning-to the next day.
...and there was always "Jack's Snacks", strategically parked in the middle of Collingwood parade ground.
You didn't even need to go ashore :p

I wonder if it's still there?
Best big eats after a run ashore were at HMS Fulmer better known as Lossiemouth.
The chefs were given permission to run a Fish & Chip racket from the JRs galley. Fairly priced and the best fish & chips in the area
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