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Right you internet experts, I am in need of some help. The delightful goverment here is blocking websites left right and chelsea so I can't get on Youtube etc. I need some kind of proxy server or way around it and they are blocking google searches on that stuff too. Can anyone help please? I am using an intel Macbook, if that matters.
Cheers in advance.
Ling, nothing is totally foolproof mate, if the government is blocking certain sites and find YOU using proxy servers and ghost IP addresses, what is the likely outcome to your good self?
I`m on msn Kuala Lumpur,dont ask why, but if they put a stop on something I got to msn. London and most thing seem to be available some times too much. hope it helps


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type in the website address in your browser, but leave out 'www.', for example:


Dunno why (some geek will explain) but this sometimes works... :wink:
Cheers dudes, finally got a workaround to enable me to download the software I need to surf with no problems.
Yeah, stickin it to the man !
Lots of problems here trying to get on to certain websites, even the most innocous ones.

Strange though that in some parts of Dubai you are totally locked down, but with others you are given more freedom.
Same here shippers, the weirdest websites get blocked for no reason.
Anyway, thanks to an anonymous bit of software I am back on youtube.
Even though you are using the new software, will you not get flagged looking at the pink pages?

Some sort of trace?

Not an IT whizz, so just guessing, before I ask you where you got the software!!
Don't care really, I don't think they can tell, I have tried ip checkers etc and they give out a false one and country too, looks like I am in Germany.
I only need it to look at U Tube, porn is a bit redundant out here I am happy to say.....
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