Big brother gets precedence over RM chopper heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by nutty_bag, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. looking at BBC news tonight the alleged rascism that has taken place seems to have taken absolute precedence over the Royal Marines and AAC crews that retrieved the body of their fallen comrade. Is this the state of the UK where watching people bitch at one another in a makeshift house is more important than what our forces are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  2. Re: Big brother gets precedence over RM Hero chopper heroes

    Are you surprised NB?
  3. Re: Big brother gets precedence over RM Hero chopper heroes

    More disgusted than anything GR. The news report was the last in a long line of reports. And yet again the corps was mentioned as "Marines" WE ARE ******* ROYAL MARINES how many more times!!
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: Big brother gets precedence over RM Hero chopper heroes

    Sadly yes, a bunch of has beens/ "celebrities" apparently serve as heroes to the masses who watch in anticipation of any indiscretion. A sad sad world we live in! Perhaps though some young lad/ lass will see the news and be inspired by real heroism, one can only hope! BBC did show how it was done on the 1800 news tonight :shock: :shock: balls of steel!
  5. Re: Big brother gets precedence over RM Hero chopper heroes

    It was shown mate. My bitch is that the report came last in the line and the BB debarcle was highlighted because of this rascism bollocks. They should get a grip of themselves for god sakes
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: Big brother gets precedence over RM Hero chopper heroes

    Agreed, unfortunately Ch4 employ professional PR people and pay them big bucks to grab the attention by any means, manipulation of the media is their game! The MOD on the other hand?

    I hope people will see through the hype but public opinion is a fickle thing!
  7. Just seen the ITV report on same subject - they did the same - that pile of SHITE - Big "shove it right up your ring piece" Brother came before the RM story.

    However, ITV at least referred to the lads as ROYAL Marines - fair play to them...and fair play to the booties for strapping themselves onto the side of an Apache - damn fine work guys.

  8. Sadly this is the Consumer Age we live in.It really gets me that a bunch of so called "celebrities",only one i may add i have heard of,and some Indian Bollywood actress who god only knows why is there,take precedence over our gallant lads and lasses in a Combat Zone retrieving one of their fallen Comrades!I would bet that had the Body of the RM in question been abused by the Taliban it would have been a different story!I just wonder how many of these "complaints" have been from "British" Asians???It just seems too pat to me to have such a fast rise in these whinges!!!
  9. Thanks for the replies folks, just heard that BBC24 is doing a special report on said rescue mission. However, as you pointed out, this celebrity bollocks getting precedence over these heroes is disgusting. I must point out that although as you know i'm of the green lid wearing variety, i would equally be disgusted if this was an army or RAF unit.

  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Having never seen the crap I don't know how it works, I seriously doubt it is transmitted live though! I suspect it is edited and released in order to "stimulate interest" as viewing figures suit? Even the PM mentioned it today in the Commons WTF! And Gordon mentioned it on his travels-again WTF! I have no idea who has complained or what was said but I suspect the public were yet again manipulated to react whether right or wrong in their reaction.
  11. apparently 10, 000 people rang in to complain about alledged rasicm
  12. Saddest of all we pay those bufoons at the BBC.

    I have just registered an official complaint regarding the issue of BBC Newsreaders continually referring to our Royal Marines as Marines. If you wish to do the same here is the linky.
  13. I've just registered my complaint.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  14. I've just registered my complaint as well. Now stop whinging Royal!! :lol:
  15. When the bootnecks stop whinging the army start worrying rictic. Drip to BBc has been posted.
  16. Mind is in cyber space on its way.
  17. DITTO

    Like calling the RMR The Territorial Army
  18. Unsurprisingly this most impressive feat by the Royal Marines and AAC is relegated to the last features on the Midnight News. In short; horrifyingly unsurprising and so typical of the times we now live in.
    In a past age they would have been the heroes, not these fifteen-minute morons who waste ... well, everything.

    RIP L/Cpl Ford; well done again Royal Marine and AAC pilots.

    Just my tuppence,

  19. Have just registered my two penn'orth with the BBC regarding the precedence of news items and the missing word "Royal" when referring to the RN and RM. Added a bit more about their ill informed broadcasters/editors continually referring to Her Majesty's Ships as
    The HMS *****, and generally showing an abysmal lack of knowledge and interest in the servicemen on whom they are reporting.
    Not holding my breath for any improvement though!


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