Big Brave Booties... Could a Matelot do this?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Bloody hell, no way Jose!

  2. A piece of cake mate! But then I am a Bootie!

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  3. Erm... perhaps not quite yet

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  4. I'll join the RN instead!

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  5. I feel sick!

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  6. Just wait until the NUT see this!

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  1. Stand fast Knights of the G Spot, I'm talking about the others... :biggrin:

    First your booty takes a short journey aloft...


    Then he steps onto the temporary path, essential for completing his mission sucessfully...


    No, you're NOT having a nightmare, this is a real route in China!


    Watch your back... Thingy (in his red top) is pursuing you fast... can you get away....


    WTF are those civvies doing, following us, says Wet Blobby and NZB, shocked that Chinese civvies are as brave as the Royals...


    Oooo... a safety chain in case someone slips...


    Suddenly the brave booties encounter a minor hitch... the "path" is no more, just some footholes.... EEK!


    Then a gentle yomp to the summit...


    And mission accomplished. The tea house beckons with a nice cup of hot tea....... 'old on Sarge... its got a notice saying closed for the weekend!


    Unhappy booties... happy Chinese! :dwarf:
  2. how the f8ck do you get tescos to deliver the shopping
  3. Piss of piss. "Fear God, Honour the King." The mighty Sea King will get you there, without getting all moist.

    Hell of a set of phots Thingy. Wouldn't wanted to be the 1st one to blaze that trail....
  4. Didn't a class of baby chippies (RN Shipwright apprentices) build this as their exhibition piece sometime in the '60s?
  5. Wouldn't get me up there for all the money in the Bank of England , just couldn't do it .
  6. Great, just imagine as many televisions as you like, how could they issue your reminder/summons for not having one. I would do it!! :money:
  7. Mind can imagine getting half way up and Jeremy Beadle leaping out at you .. "Game for a Laugh???" - at least he might if he wasn't dead!
  8. Climbing back down again must concentrate the gray matter and the non-return valves
  9. Picture No. 6 is what got me. Tad too rusty for my liking. Might give it a go otherwise, long as the weather's good.You only live once.
  10. You have got to be joking!
    There is absolutly no way I would even get in the cable car, let alone on that Heath Robinson afair of a walkway. One of the reasons I joined boats was me and hights aren't the best of buddies.
    BTW what is it with all the padlocks on that chain - are they worried some loony will half inch it on they way back down!
  11. how the f8ck do you get tescos to deliver the shopping said....................... shag shacker .................errrrmm online i think :whew:
  12. I would rather be locked in a cell with Harold Shipman for a year than take tea aloft! :pukel:

    As for the padlocks, I think they are to secure the rock face against causal theft by passing Talebanites.... on their way down, the fast way..... Ahhhhhhhhhh... SPLAT!
  13. I should imagine that, before the demise of the tot, there would have been a jack or two (maybe a Jenny also ??) who would have cheerfully done it after a few 'sippers' - and probably blindfolded to boot !!

  14. This isn't really too hard at all. Most of it is protected and you can put a safety line on. Some via ferrata in Austria is worse than this - and I was only a pinkie !!
  15. sarcasm,



    my god youve got em all
  16. Ah but booties would lose their street cred with matelots if they used safety harnesses. After all, How many G-Spotters went aloft with a safety harness? :bball:
  17. Looks great fun! :D
  18. I served with a RM instructor who, legend had it, once walked around the outside of the parachute training balloon on a ledge like this without a parachute on, apparently because he was pissed off that they all looked so scared. Must have done wonders for their morale!

    The padlocks are a symbol of fidelity - a couple put them in a really difficult place to get to (and I think this qualifies!), then the key is thrown. If either partner wants to end the relationship, then they have to find the key and unlock the padlock. I guess you'd be stuck with someone for life in this case though!

  19. Yes definatly, a about 6 stone ago, probably?, well may be, if I had to, if I learned to walk on my hands, not while my arse points downwards ^_^; ^_^;
  20. Lightweights....try a little therapy first.....Dr Vodka tends to yield great results.
    As for the Tesco goodies.....hire sherpas with big ol' backpacks.

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