Big Bird

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Christ, imagine the feed bill.
  2. That won't be a problem for you though JJ; just starve her, after all you like them skinny!
  3. I could use her to trim my trees, whilst I attend to her bush.
  4. I like 'em short too. Oh well, it's going to get messy again :D
  5. Chop her leg off below the knee, that will make shorter for you :wink: It will also ensure she can't run away
  6. Dunno about being a 'Big Bird' but for those who like to see 'The Big Picture' - Try this for size:


    She has a Twin Sister, too - See if you can Spot The Differences:


    No? - I couldn't either.... 8O
  8. Hey you! Is that an offer? :D
  9. In your dreams boy :tongue:
  10. Poo. I was just about to jump in the car and drive to your place.


  11. I dont think I would fancy someone that likes ladies with a 'Zyclon B' style perfumes.... :p
  12. Bloody hell, typical. You poison one gypsy and it's 'Holocaust' this and 'massacre' that.

    Well, I tell you missy, I'm sick of being judged. Now where did I leave that shotgun?

  13. Check in that leather suitcase made of my granny,s skin..or was that a lampshade....
  14. You know I thought photoshop for sure, but she's 6 foot 8 according to her myspace pg. Must be like the scene in Deuce Bigalow, "Hi Im Deuce Big.....gest lady Ive ever seen!!!" Would be magic for getting a round in though.....although your junk would look tiny in those hands

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