Big Bad Dog

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by jambosun, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know where Bigbaddog went? Those stories of his, rather unusual, Bond character were absolutely brilliant but the author appears to have vanished. I may have missed something of course but I was just wondering.
  2. [​IMG]

    This one?
  3. Same avatar. Same guy with a different name? I'm confused now.
  4. My account went a bit awry. Re-branded (as you do).
    I did start a sequel but lost the plot - a case of mad-persons
    writers block I suppose. However - thank you very much
    for remembering. That E-Novel was the longest piece of
    uneloquent drivel I ever got out of a keyboard.

    But I'm working on it...... :thanks:
  5. Thanks for the reply and good to know you're still out there. I hope your rather peculiar ,but nevertheless brilliant, hero makes a return to these pages soon.

  6. Shall we have one of them Poll thingies then?

    Bring back James Bonds' Dad?

    X Yes
    X No
    X Oh F**k not again
    X Get a life
    X Who?
    X We still need to know what's the best Iron to use on submarines
    X I nominate IDOITDEEPER for overall RR Mooderator

    [This Poll is sponsored by the Government of Pakistan]

    *Mooderator is not a typing error*
  7. Can we have 007's pet dog, Fido, and his exploits with Snowy, of Tintin fame..... perhaps: Fido and Snowy Get Laid! or Fido defeats Flashgordon's Defence Cuts :biggrin:
  8. No, we need more RN/RM related japery from our hero!! "James Bonds Dad and the Morphy Richards Affair"

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