Big aircraft on Carriers

Was watching JAG on SKY tonite, and the hotshot jetjockey/lawyer landed a C130 on an Elmer CVN. At the very end, they showed a film clip of a C130 landing on the FORRESTAL in 1963. Given the disparity in size between our carriers and theirs, what's the biggest aircraft we've ever landed on a British carrier ???


Lantern Swinger
Biggest Rotary I've seen was a CH 53 on the Fearless..........not a lot of space there.

FW, no Idea but the Phantom would have been pretty big, failing that a Buccaneer or Gannet?

Are you talking about weight or physical size?
The biggest fixed wing one I was involved with on one of our Flight decks, was a USN Tracker,and the biggest rotary was a RAF Chinook.
As MM says the Bucc would be the heaviest (as rigger friend once said Buccs aren't made, they're quarried) and not neccesarily smaller than the F4.

As for landing a C130 on a carrier, that's one thing, getting it airborne again would be interesting to watch.
Had a Yank land on the Vic early 60's with a Phantom in an exchange,problem was he would not take off again until we reached harbour.
Said it was too short,he may have been right as I was not FAA so knew sod all about it,I do know he spent a lot of time shooting a .44 Magnum off the rear end of flight deck.
Used to tell all who listened that it could go thu a car engine,he would be hard pressed to hit a car engine at the 20 yards he practiced on!
when they were planning CVA01 back in the sixties they envisaged flying HS125's off them (note not the Intercity 125 before anyone asks!) -a commuter jet how about that! (ok so it would be a stripped down version similar to RAF Dominie but still.....)

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