Biblical signals

Discussion in 'History' started by hammockhead, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. See here for an introduction and here for a guide to biblical citations to include in your signals for more brief but colourful signalling.

    Some are very funny.
  2. Excellent find!
  3. :mrgreen: Hammockhead, superb amount of info from your RN service, great photo's. Particularly liked the Daring, as a Janner, I was regularly taken to Navy Days in Guzz & the Daring was one of those ships I never forgot having had the tour, a proper warship and appeared to me to be absolutely huge. I too served on the Fearless but have to say, apart from the jollies, it was not one of my best drafts, needed a Frigate draft to get me back in line !
    Good stuff. :razz:

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