Bhut Jolokia

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Just fried some onion, sprouts and a red pepper then splurged this on, if like me you like it hot and spicy go for this special edition sauce, on offer at ASDA at the mo for only a quid, warnings on the jar so be careful, will let you know tomorrow if it lives up to it's name.

  2. :laughing5:
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  3. [​IMG] Best test it outdoors Stirl.
  4. Looks like he photoshopped that with an image of Lucas Torch Igniter, I will take your advice though as near neighbour is away for easter, only cheeky Magpies for company at the mo.
  5. Used to enjoy testing them when I was a baby EM!
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  6. Good job I live alone as the sprouts kicked in during squeaky bum time, managed to suck the leftovers from my set during Utd's match, as we know curry tastes just as good cold. Wrecks, battery king on Fife, an OEM had the job of testing the LTI's,
    on the Q deck which pissed off the dockyard mateys strolling around half asleep on FLJ.
  7. Cup of Bisto you need Stirling. Browns, Seasons, Thickens. Was thinking that would be a dangerous combination with the sprouts mate.:smile:
  8. You are getting as bad/good as Billy, I will have a coronary one day reading his posts and now you chime in snigger snigger.
    Will have some brekkie before testing the bowels.
  9. 1120hrs Stirling went off for a dump according to the 'breadline thread'

    hasn't been heard of since

    given the nature of this thread should we be worried?
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  10. Good news for you mate, should come off as they are brilliant at the pub game.

    York pub company to open new outlets (From York Press)
  11. Looks good that Sterling

    not sure about the Americanism of 'craft beer' wording being used and i also hope they employ people who know how to pour a pint as the one in the picture looks shite
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  12. The gents at the Tap on York station are a bit iffy/whiffy but the ale is good if a bit bewildering with all the new micro brewers opening up shop......the list alters by the hour so my mate sez. Shame this all happens when I have stopped speed drinking upwards of 14 pints on a bad day...smiley thing. Same mate is going to give that cafe you mentioned a look as he is a keen sport fisherman. My post curry crap went well by the way.
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  13. Just home, Work blocks RR for some reason.How the old stern gland (to use a marine engineering term for you)^^ Hold up over the weekend Stirling after your Bhut Jolokia suprise? :toilet::tp:^^
  14. The crap was difficult at first, Pioneer corps were wearing the wrong boots apparently, a big shove from me and the Paras behind said Pioneers got the log jam moving and it was about 9 inches so only a juvenile otter, Not much heat as suspected, I put that down to troffing copius amounts of pitted dates post curry. Sauce may be too spicy for some, read the label....2 warnings about type of chillies used.
  15. Forming a vivid mental picture, and it aint pretty..^^
    BZ the Pioneers and Paras though:muhaha:
  16. Aye, this image is taken just before the 'event'.

    P1010422.jpg ......
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